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  1. Karial

    Hornet Backbox

    Hey guys, I asked my guy if he could fit a cherry bomb muffler that was donated to me, but he's saying by the time he cuts off the old box, and welds the cherry bomb on, it'll not stick out far enough, so he can't do it. (and by enough, i mean it's UNDER the car by about 12 inch lmfao) I've...
  2. Karial

    Wanted Astra G Cabriolet Irmscher Fairing

    Anyone got the Over Hoop Fairing for sale? spotted one on ebay for £320, but hoping to find one a bit cheaper, tight arse n all that :nailbiting:
  3. Karial

    Hello from Valhalla! (Pic Heavy)

    Hey folks! been on the forum a while, lurking from time to time, but it's time to say hi. May I introduce you to Freyja, the £675 lemon! When i got the car, she had an Irmscher spoiler lip, but a surprise on the A19 in the darkness of midnight, something blew onto the road, and ofc.... by...
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