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  1. Drakey

    Dave's Astra G with Car PC

    Bloody hell Dave, I didn't realise your car had so many hidden additions to it. Look forward to a good nose around next week if ok. Fantastic write up also.
  2. Drakey

    Happy Birthday Drakey

    Well, it depends what you call clean, Kate's was looking good but I did the school run in it and due to traffic had to drive quite close to the edge of the road kicking up some muck, mines ready to be polished in the morning as I'm on nights. It'll be a mess by Friday ....I hate the wet months :(
  3. Drakey

    Happy Birthday Drakey

    Ooooohhhhhh cheers chaps, and Aly. Not been on here for ages. Looks like the sites growing and growing.
  4. Drakey

    Android App download...

    Thanks Rushy, Looks like its some neat new bits, shame it set my settings back to normal. I spent ages arranging apps etc in to folders and setting backgrounds but after the update lots had been reset !!!!! far so good, I don`t miss the iPhone at all
  5. Drakey

    Android App download...

    What about updates, Ive just been prompted for a software (firmware) update.... I`ve just been shown this ..... 349.38Mb For Android 4.0 with touchwiz New SNote app New SMemo widget Again through my wifi it looks like its going to take ages.
  6. Drakey

    Android App download...

    I've had to do this for asphalt 6 and gt hd - the initial app loads in a minute or so then as i select it on my phone it states there's loads of data still req d
  7. Drakey

    Android App download...

    ....Hi all, it`s been a while since I`ve posted on the site but can usually rely on a great response no matter what the issue. I`ve taken the jump and binned the iPhone - I opted for the Note which I`m over the moon with. BUT.....Android Apps, I`m using Google Play and if I download a...
  8. Drakey

    new suspension on

    I popped in and took a picture of it, if my picture file is dated and early on in the dates you've given - I'll post them.
  9. Drakey

    Chit Chat post

    I've done a week on days, week on nights for years now, I really like the time I get to myself during the day when on nights. Wife and kids to school - PS3 on or out to clean the car, saying that my nights aren't a very strenuous Monday to Thursday, :)
  10. Drakey

    Guy's 02 Astra Hatch

    Loving the idea of the chalkboard bonnet - cant imagine what would happen if I had it done in the works car part. :)
  11. Drakey

    A few pics of the VXR with the wheels done.

    Love it, really nice with decals - did you fit them ?
  12. Drakey

    MW3 New Maps

    How many maps are released. & when do us non elite's get them (and for what cost this time?)
  13. Drakey

    My dog, last few days

    Same here Mark, wouldn't of understood how you must be feeling until we got our pup a year or so ago. (my first dog / proper pet) ...and I won't fully understand until our time comes :( Chin up, all the best ? don't know what's best to say really - but you know what I mean.
  14. Drakey

    biggest bird s**t competition!

    That's grossly amazing.
  15. Drakey

    Sold my Z22se

    OMG that's stunning.
  16. Drakey

    my vectra and other models diecast collection

    Blimey !!!! Nice collection. I've only a few I've kept - Used to have this in a lovely case - about 30cm long (can't remember scale) Also had the DTM shell on my Tamiya RC car back in the day.
  17. Drakey

    O/P from laptop USB

    Cheers Daz, I'll brave it and try it when it needs more juice ;)
  18. Drakey

    O/P from laptop USB

    .....what is it if anyone knows please. Just received an i-copter (helicopter controlled via my iPhone/iPad - It came with leads to charge via computer USB but the computers not always on. Would using my iPhone charger harm the kit in anyway? It states 5.1v @ 2.1A (10W power adapter) Is this...
  19. Drakey

    What did Santa bring then?

    Damn - just youtube'd it. Bit too advanced for me at the moment, I've been used to fixed wing for too long !!! Just ordered an i-helicopter for quiet times at work lol
  20. Drakey

    What did Santa bring then?

    Which remote one did you get Daz, I got a small Apache lol You'll love the real thing, great sensation :)
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