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  1. ob one

    engine mount

    does anyone know the part number for the engine mount for 2001 zafira z22se auto vauxhall say have 2 but not sure which one
  2. ob one

    evap purge valve

    when should the evap valve start ticking mine never comes on
  3. ob one

    traction control wiring

    I have a traction control switch but no loom does anybody know what pin numbers on the back of the switch go . cheers
  4. ob one

    traction control switch

    need a bit of info I have just got a traction control switch but have no loom I have all the information where the wires go to but can't find what pin number's they go to on the back of the switch
  5. ob one

    air leak on manifold

    need a bit of help. I have a 2.4 manifold on a b207 engine. all of a sudden intake started hissing from underneath from the right hand side any ideas what would cause that . also I will be taking it off tomorrow will the gaskets be reusable. cheers
  6. ob one

    merry Christmas

    merry Christmas to you all keep up the good work
  7. ob one

    exhaust manifold

    dbilas manifold and down pipe for sale was on a mk1 zafira would like £150
  8. ob one

    Ob one

    Hi drive a 2001 zafira z22se if it comes up twice sorry us old people don't do too well with modern technology
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