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  1. dewismotorsport

    Astra g drivers side drive shaft length

    Does anyone know the length of the drivers side driveshaft? As I’m building up a spare with new joints but my spares cupboard has loads of random short shafts and like a idiot I didn’t mark all of them up when putting them in there :banghead: Need to know the bare shafts length.
  2. dewismotorsport

    What Photo hosting are people using now?

    Used to always use photobucket but refuse to pay for the third party hosting. Want to start my build threads again but don’t know who’s best to use anymore. What you guys using?
  3. dewismotorsport

    Handbrake cable part number

    Having a nightmare with a retarded ebay motorfactor seller sent me a hatch back cable, despite having my reg he wants to know the Gm part number for the lucus handbrake cable. Is the bosch cable a different number as well?
  4. dewismotorsport

    Wanted Sc pulleys 2.9 or 2.8"

    What do people have and how fast can you post? :D Booked in for mapping Wednesday and I have a aim of 269bhp as that would take me to the maximum of my racing class bracket (200whp per ton) and I don't think my standard LSJ pulley will take it up that far :unsure: vocky evocarlos corsaZ22se...
  5. dewismotorsport

    B207/Z22SE rebuild parts

    I've had a search on here but can't find some of the info. Basically had a B207 bottom sat doing nothing for a few years now so plan to build a forged engine up, I already have the forged pistons and eagle rods and from what I've seen the big end and main bearings are the same between the two...
  6. dewismotorsport

    Astra g wiring diagrams

    Ideally bulkhead connector, main interior loom and immobiliser wiring diagram. evocarlos corsaZ22se @smithy plus any others who may have them
  7. dewismotorsport

    Wanted Sc inlet charge cooler end plate ASAP

    Need the end plate ASAP if anyone has a spare, I've sold my dual pass but need one for the top part for when I convert to intercooler. Cheers Adam
  8. dewismotorsport

    Astra coupe rear screen rubber

    After the part number for the rear screen rubber on a astra g coupe. Thanks in advance Adam
  9. dewismotorsport

    Charge cooler kit, what's it worth?

    Selling my complete charge cooler kit, includes electric pump, all hose work, header tank, cooler, dual pass inlet pipe and loom. But what's something like this worth? All in good working order. And a straight fit to a astra g
  10. dewismotorsport

    F23 short shift mod

    Bought myself a Mtech short shift kit a while back in a group buy, fitted it the other day to the blue coupes gearbox while it was out. After looking at it I realised there isn't a lot to it so decided to mod the one that came off to do the same job. Mtech item: Standard item: So got the...
  11. dewismotorsport

    Where to buy a petrol tank guard?

    Anyone know where I can buy a new one? The one on my car has rotted out and need a new one for the race car as it says that plastic tanks have to have guards. Or does anyone have a solid spare they want to sell? (For a Astra coupe)
  12. dewismotorsport

    So who on here DJ's?

    I know of a few of you that DJ so let's see your set ups (y) My main setup: Technics 1210's M3D turntables Numark NS6 controller Rane SL2 Novation dicers Gemini BPM1 beat counter Presonus Eris E5 speakers Numark HF125 headphones Serato DJ software Original mobile set up: Numark IDJ pro 2...
  13. dewismotorsport

    Dewis Motorsport's daily bomber

    Welcome the new daily bomber, 84k miles SE2 bertone Genuine straight car, almost FSH from Vauxhall including a top end rebuild after a chain fail I assume. MOT till July. Sold with a crunch into 3rd and a bargain price of £550 :) Collected it with the pickup and dolly but forgot how...
  14. dewismotorsport

    Needle bearing kit

    i want to replace my needle bearings as a precaution as I have no idea what mileage their on and my car gets a hard time on track and lots of road miles currently, I've previously replaced the snout bearings as they were getting lumpy so these must be equally shagged. I don't really want to pay...
  15. dewismotorsport

    Wanted Standard LSJ supercharger pulley

    Anyone got the standard 3" (I think) LSJ supercharger pulley they'd like to sell? Cheers Adam
  16. dewismotorsport

    Internal diameter of main water hose

    I need to know the internal diameter of the main water hose that goes to the radiator on the gearbox side. As I need to order a adjustable electronic fan controller. Annoyingly I can't find my spare hose to check. Thanks in advance Adam
  17. dewismotorsport

    Oil cooler feed options

    Needing to fit the oil cooler and just wanted to know the best location to take the feed from? Top finger or bottom finger (oil pressure sender) I'd like to keep the oil pressure sensor but I'm sure I'll live without it if need be. The return will go back into filter housing via the vx220...
  18. dewismotorsport

    For Sale Supercharged Ecu and piper cams

    Vectra b Z22SE Ecu with chip and transponder, mapped by Courtenay sport to 250bhp using the piper cams and CS stage 1 pulley. Can be sold separately but map will need a re tweek by CS ECU £250 Piper high lift re profiled cams £100 Prices are excluding postage and packaging. Parts located in...
  19. dewismotorsport

    For Sale Various Z22SE parts

    Inlet manifold £10 each Air con pump £10 Flywheel £10 Throttle bodie £10 Air box £10 Map sensors £10 each Fuel rail £5 Injectors £10 for set of 4 Knock sensor £5 Air intake pipe £5 Vectra b PS pump £5 Astra fuel pump housing with pump £20 Astra CAT £15 Heat shield £5 Astra radiator with fan (no...
  20. dewismotorsport

    Peoples thoughts on this breather mod I've blanked my pcv off and at the minute only have a catch tank coming off the main breather so feel I need more once on track
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