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  1. Mark Dj

    Still Going..

    Nice to see the forum is still going. Not sure if we have any active people running the forum, as some of the posts I am seeing are pretty old. Hope Matt keeps popping by from time to time. I miss my old 2.2 Astra, was a fun car :)
  2. Mark Dj

    Best cctv software

    I have an ip cctv camera that I bought ages ago, the only thing was the factory software was rubbish, too hard to work out. Can anyone recommend a good software I could use with my d-link camera? My camera is a D-Link DCS-5222L. Thanks
  3. Mark Dj

    Airbox part numbers check please (VXR)

    I need the part numbers for airboxes for an Astra VXR and say a MK4 Gsi Turbo. The reason is my car has the wrong MAF sensor on it, it has a 70mm one and the VXR Astra one is 80mm. Some idiot has the wrong MAF on my car. Now another guy said I might also have the wrong pipe work and airbox on my...
  4. Mark Dj

    My Astra VXR Arctic Edition

    Not long had my Astra VXR Arctic Edition. Loving the car so far. 16K on the clock, few minor issues that are getting sorted out soon. My car came with Sat Nav, Parking sensors, Full leather seats. Mods I have done so far are Pre Cat pipe and Forge recirculation valve. I am still getting a funny...
  5. Mark Dj

    Car Insurance Issue

    Hi, I have bought a new car and it's been lowered on coil overs. My insurance company would not insure it. I have got to get new insurance now :(. It's an Astra J Sri 2.0 Diesel 5 door. I am a bit gutted my insurance company would not insure it. Anyone know a decent insurance company for mods...
  6. Mark Dj

    Sold my Astra and bought this...

    Today I sold my Astra and bought another Vectra BTCC lol. It's a car my girlfriend wanted. 1 Owner from new, 47K on the clock
  7. Mark Dj

    Looking to buy an Astra J or Insignia?

    Hi, I am looking to buy either an Astra Ecoflex 1.7 Diesel or an Insignia 160Bhp Ecoflex 2.0 Diesel car. What one should I go for between them both? I am after a cheaper car to get to work, as I am paying £80 a week in my 2.0 Turbo Astra Sri at the moment. I have £6000 to play with maybe a...
  8. Mark Dj

    Go Pro Cameras

    Hi, I am thinking about getting a Go Pro camera. Does anyone have one, what are they like? I am thinking about getting the Go Pro Hero 3 Black Edition. They look fun
  9. Mark Dj

    Need part number for

    The rubber seal on my dip stick has gone, I think the dip stick has 2, both near the top as it's sitting in place in the tube. A part number would be nice. Astra Mk5 Sri Turbo Z20LER 2005 model. Thanks
  10. Mark Dj

    Messing about on the decks Video Test

    Just me testing out the quality of my camera. Also the quality of the audio :cool:
  11. Mark Dj

    Help, New CCTV Settings for my camera

    Hello guys, I have a new camera and I don't know what to put in these boxes in the picture. It's a wireless one that works from Wi-Fi, it's got me beat :(. Any info would be great
  12. Mark Dj

    Cheap car for work?

    What is a decent car for me to buy for me travelling to work in? I no longer have a company van at my new job, so I am looking for something a little better to use than my Astra Turbo. I was thinking maybe a Vectra 1.9 cdti diesel? It takes me half an hour to get into work from my house...
  13. Mark Dj

    Power Limited, like a limiter

    Today while out in my Astra Turbo i hit a speed say 70mph and my car would not go any faster. It was limited power but no lights on my dash. The car still pulled ok but I could not go any faster. I had my sport button on at the time. Any info would be great
  14. Mark Dj

    Mini Clubman

    I think my next car could be a Mini Clubman S model. I like them a lot and so does my girlfriend. It probably won't be for a while yet but I am liking them. Any thoughts on them? Thanks
  15. Mark Dj

    App Game, Clash Of Clans

    Clash Of Clans. Anyone else play this? I am hooked lol
  16. Mark Dj

    Put my notice in today

    Today I put my notice in at work. I have only been at the new place for about just over a 1 month. I am leaving this job as they expect you to lift heavy stuff that should be towed with a trailer (Temp Traffic Lights). This new place does not give you your wage slips unless you ask for it, then...
  17. Mark Dj

    Issue with pc (Driver Violation) Windows 8

    Every morning I am getting a Blue screen on my PC saying "Driver Violation". On the Blue screen it does not say what driver is the problem. The PC re starts and all seems ok again. Will windows log this report on the PC, so I can go and see if a driver needs an update? It's only started doing...
  18. Mark Dj

    Easter Joke...

    Sad news from the Nestle factory today as a man was crushed to death by hundreds of boxes of chocolate. He tried in vain to attract attention, but every time he yelled 'The Milky Bars are on me!' People just cheered!!!! ;-). Happy Easter everyone.
  19. Mark Dj

    New mix Uk Hardcore 30.03.13

    New Uk Hardcore mix up from me made 30.03.13. Track listing up on the link on MixCloud. Hope you enjoy it....
  20. Mark Dj

    I am now on Mixcloud (My Mixes)

    I am now on Mixcloud if anyone wants my latest mixes. I have uploaded a new Hardcore mix done yesterday onto my Mixcloud. Thanks