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    Got old car back after 8 years but not good :-(

    When it spins over do both the cams turn? And do the lobes line up correctly? 10-2 on no.4? I had this scenario with my Zafira - had oil starvation to cam bearing causing cam siezure and stripped the lugs from the back of the cam gear.
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    NEW to the Z22SE world ....

    Verrrrrryyyy nice! Welcome to the forum.
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    gypsy scumbags ,,,,,,,,,,

    Good for you, Buddy. Result. (y)
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    astra coupe se2 2.2 auto box

    Not had any problem with mine in 122976 miles. :D
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    Marty's Z22SE Rebuild

    Mon ami, did you really mean that big a gap? or did you mean mm not inches?o_O
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    2.2 vectra b exhaust manifold

    Yea, I was trying to translate it into English for those who don't understand Engineering lingo. :cool:
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    2.2 vectra b exhaust manifold

    Could try: or...
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    astra 2.2 sri supercharger fitted won't start no spark

    Just asked Mr G - various length belts here
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    Z22SE Second hand Engine

    You might want to check when the chains were last changed. 100k is recommended max.
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    Gurus - im having difficulty removing water pump

    If you don't remove the engine mounting and bracket you only make the job harder, and in any case, the mounting will stop the engine moving too far - that's what it's for If you are replacing the sprocket, then it's got to be chains off, no?
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    Fitting Cruise control to Zaf A auto?

    Is that why Opcom wouldn't let you do it? If it wasn't seeing it?
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    Do I need a new engine?

    Might be worth buying
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    Gurus - im having difficulty removing water pump

    Refer to page 7 of the doc in your post #3.
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    MOT time today

    Water cooling makes the copper softer and more malleable than air cooling, but both work.
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    Z22SE Water pump leaking coolant..

    Having done the chains on mine, I would say you should be able to do both chains and the water pump in a day, maybe a bit over if you have to drop the sump and clean it out, no need to take the engine out to do it. [I stand to be corrected by the Master (Carl).] :)
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    MOT time today

    Well, mine passed yesterday. Just had a slight weep on the rear caliper union - my fault, I didn't use new washers! Cost me an extra 40 quid :arghh:
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    Fitting Cruise control to Zaf A auto?

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! "Reset" means wipe all data prior to reprogramming.
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    Fitting Cruise control to Zaf A auto?

    This is from the info that came with my Op-Com: This is for Zaf B which seems more complex:
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    Fitting Cruise control to Zaf A auto?

    Where do you get the security code from?