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  1. Sjdickso

    The cars gone

    Well after been a member on here years lots of years and owned my 2.2 Astra nearly 16 years a couple of weeks ago i px'd it in. It was a sad sad day but time for a change :(, it did pain me what i got for her but just time for a change. This is pretty much how she looked when i dropped it off...
  2. Sjdickso

    Upgrade Headlight Bulbs

    Afternoon, Just wondered what people are running with upgraded setups and whats the law with aftermarket HID / LED are the not MOT friendly? Was looking at upgrading now the dark nights are coming. Can anyone recommend a full kit with correct fittings for Astra G ?
  3. Sjdickso

    C20LET Clutch

    Afternoon, I know or believe the C20LET clutch fits the F23 box but you need a new CSC which i understand is part number 55558371. Has anyone with a standard Z22SE fitted one of these clutches? If so what is it like, heavier or just the same ? Only reason i am looking is you can get a...
  4. Sjdickso

    Starting issues

    Morning All, I have been a member on here for years and love the z22se. My own I have owned years. That much so its been my daily for the last 11 / 12 years. I lightly modded it in the early days and maintain it year on year. 3 weeks ago was the first time recovery was called out. The car...
  5. Sjdickso

    Front suspension help

    Morning had more work done on the car yesterday and the garage seems to think there is excessive play in the top mount on the passenger side. I checked my records and all the suspension at the front including the top mounts bearings dampeners and springs was replaced under a year ago. Looking...
  6. Sjdickso

    Rear Knocking

    I have had this issue for a while and its starting to do my head in a bit. I have a dull knocking noise coming from the rear passenger side of the car. You can only hear it at low speeds over uneven roads, at low speeds over bigger bumps or speed bumps you don't get it. I do have a RARB, this...
  7. Sjdickso

    Battery light no power steering

    Well today battery light came on and lost all power steering, all belts look ok and the battery is pretty new, I am guessing it's the alternator that's gone? If so do you think I can drive it 9 miles to the mechanics.
  8. Sjdickso

    158 !!!

    Well she clocked over to 158K yesterday, do you think if I SC the mileage will go up faster lol. By the way it isn't running on the original engine, TBH I think there is only a handful of parts which are original, front spring has just snapped so going to swap the dampers at the same time, they...
  9. Sjdickso

    Front Springs

    Does anyone know if the SRi-T / GSi share the same front springs as our 2.2 I know the curb weight is similar.
  10. Sjdickso

    Saab has F23?

    does anyone know if Saab shares the same box as us? Or more exactly the clutch? My clutch slave will need changing at some point and Saab genuine 3pc kits are same as other 3rd party so if I can get a genuine Saab /GM one for same price as 3rd party happy days!
  11. Sjdickso

    R.I.P Simon Roe AKA JGM

    Just seen this on Millers FB, R.I.P Simon thoughts go out to your friends and family. Never met him but heard so many things about his work and commitment to tuning and mapping.
  12. Sjdickso

    Mk4 ibiza steering wheel controls just stopped

    This happened yesterday, worked one minute stopped the next both sides. The horn works as few mentioned on the web a steering wheel module, the stereo hasn't been touched so can not see how any connections have come out of the back. Any ideas?
  13. Sjdickso

    150 + 1

    Well the old girl has just clocked over 150k +1 lol no where to pull over so just crept over..
  14. Sjdickso

    Just done a bad mod!

    Few weeks back had real bad rattling turned out exhaust hanger, got it welded up and they said at exhaust place a more solid mount would help, bought some correct poly bushes and got them fitted yesterday. Well unlike my other poly bushes these have made the car awful, the exhaust vibrates...
  15. Sjdickso

    Got round to do a quick tidy up

    My Astra was hanging, managed yesterday to spend about 6Hrs on it. Pre - wash - with domestic washing up liquid Two bucket method Wheels removed and cleaned with blueberry cleaner thanks to my little helper. Calipers and discs cleaned up and painted Front end clayed with dodo clay bar Machine...
  16. Sjdickso

    Car Detailing - Get your car ready for the Show Season

    As many of you know I have been an avid amateur detailer for many a year and done a few cars over the years. I am now opening up my services to forum members if you find cleaning your car a bind or don't have the right products and hardware as well as the skill sets, I may be able to help. So...
  17. Sjdickso

    Megs blog Sahara Sand

    Well my car and the Seat is covered just thought I would share this from Meguiars
  18. Sjdickso

    PC Clean / Detail

    Just doing some small regular maintenance job on a PC with a thermal issue, when I opened the case found out why :yuck: Now I have seen some dirty / and dusty PCS but this had a nice even spread of dust all over the m\b and the CPU and PSU fan could hardly spin god knows how it was even...
  19. Sjdickso

    Refurb Whiteline RARB

    Some months back I bought at a very reasonable price a Whiteline Rear anti roll bar off @Matt, the bar was in very good condition considering they are prone to rusting. I then went to Courtney Sport and ordered a full new fitting kit with new brackets and bushes. Last week or so thought I...
  20. Sjdickso

    Clutch issue? Odd noise at biting point

    This started yesterday. I noticed after setting off from a standing start at biting point the car makes a noise like the brakes are binding when trying to pull forward with the handbrake on and can feel through the clutch pedal. Clutch doesn't slip and only does it from standing totally still...