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  1. Tiparraco

    Astra/Kadett MK2 project - El Batallas

    Hi there, I thought I already opened a thread for the car, but seems obvious I didn't... Anyway, since an engine swap is intended for this car, and it would be most likely a z22 unit, I think you all guys might like something different. Car has been with me since 2009, and only gave me lots of...
  2. Tiparraco

    Building a throttle bodied unit - personal experiences

    Hello all, As a mentioned in my introduction, I'm considering a Z22SE to move my oldie (Astra MK2) project. I have not many premises in this build, but there are a couple of them. One, is to go NA, two is going throttle bodied. I know forced induction is "bang per buck" winner, but it isn't my...
  3. Tiparraco

    Hello from Spain

    Hello everyone, My name is Daniel, I'm from Barcelona, Spain, and I own an Astra MK4 coupe turbo, among other oldies. I had another post but I suspect something was incorrect/out of rules, so I leave another one tidied up. I hope to learn more of this engine, as I'm planning to get one in...
  4. Tiparraco

    Hello from Barcelona, Spain

    Hello everyone, My name is Daniel, from Barcelona, Spain, and I'm glad to join this community, I hope to learn a lot here. I work as vehicle dynamics test engineer for certain car manufacturer since last 8 years, and I was abduced by the blitz tentacles more than 15 years ago. Actually, I got...