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  1. JonRobinson82

    ECU needed!!

    Anyone got an ECU laying around? I don't seem to have spark or fuel and Torque can't even seem to find ECU. Figure that's my issue. Drove the car out the garage, moved the rear earth strap to it's correct position, seem to have broken the brown wire capacitor thing and now it won't start!!
  2. JonRobinson82

    Whine/grinding box

    Hi all, So since running through a good few pretty big puddles (could simply be coincidence but thought I'd better mention it) with a boot disintegrated on the inner passenger driveshaft CV (again could be coincidence) I have now got a whining/griding noise through most gears. It's hard to tell...
  3. JonRobinson82

    Z22SE Random kinda intermittent rattle/knock/tap lol

    Having checked the head and block for warping, reground valves, full head gasket set including valve stem seals, decoked head and block etc etc, changed both chains and all appendages, oil change, oil filter change, power steering fluid change, coolant change, regapped plugs and I can't think...
  4. JonRobinson82

    Head recon/replacement

    Wondering how much it might cost me to have the head checked/skimmed if needed or just replaced. Got a problem which I'm hoping is just head gasket related but keep being told by everyone to sort the head. I'm tempted to just go all trial and error on it and rebuild the head and engine bit by...
  5. JonRobinson82

    Z22SE Intermittent rough idle/running after coolant hose leak and overheat

    So as the title suggests I'm wondering what damage has occured. The top hose on the rad popped off (for the second time) while on my way to pick up my usual bottle of oil to satisfy a persistent very slow drip from somewhere (can't bloody find where) and by the time I'd got home the temperature...
  6. JonRobinson82

    God knows what the problem is

    Hi guys. So after many little mods and tweaks and problem solving sessions I have got most little things with the Vec b fixed or replaced and improved. The car flies and only suffers with that maddening heat soak if you don't get a chance to drive literally 60 second down the road. I've seen the...
  7. JonRobinson82

    Aircon pipe repair

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section. I wondered if anyone might have the kit local to Essex to repair a broken aluminium (I assume) joint in one of my air con pipes. I managed to source some nearly new pipework to replace bits that had perished but now realise I didn't get a peice I...
  8. JonRobinson82

    JOM Suspension Kit

    Hi guys (and gals) Purchasing a JOM performance suspension kit tomorrow for my Vectra B 2.2 CDX and wondered what stuff swaps over and what isn't needed any more. Was planning on getting all new bits but not much stocked at Euros and didn't know where else to go that isn't too expensive lol
  9. JonRobinson82

    Auto open/close windows by remote

    I have a 52 Vectra B CDX with all round electric windows and sunroof which all close when you hold the key to the locked position and stop when you release it, then continue to close again if you hold it in the lock position again. Is there any way of programming it to do this in the same way...
  10. JonRobinson82

    Start of supercharge Z22se build

    So I want to start getting parts together for my supercharge build with a view to taking my car off the road and buying for my missus and temporarily driving that while I dismantle and renew as much as possible while upgrading and adding to the engine. Question is can I just add the green...
  11. JonRobinson82

    Exhaust Cut Off Valve

    Hi guys, I want to introduce an exhaust cut off valve that is in some way controlled by throttle. I have a lovely loud exhaust but don't want it quite so loud unless I'm WOT. Could I simply buy a second throttle control valve and splice in to the one on the inlet manifold so they both activate...
  12. JonRobinson82

    Vectra B 52 interior light and alarm

    Hi guys, A few days ago I had my alarm go off twice in almost non stop fashion. I then noticed my interior light was on constantly shortly after and figured maybe it was related. All door pins turn the puddle lights on and off so figure it's not that. Anyway couldn't really find what was up so...
  13. JonRobinson82

    Z22SE Vectra B Rear Anti Roll Bar Bracket Snapping

    OK so as some of you may know I have a 2002 52 plate Vauxhall Vectra B 2.2 CDX. It has aftermarket Lenso RS5 17" 5 spoke alloys and Falken Ziec or whatever tyres (195 45 17) I also have all round Powerflex Black Series track anti roll bar bushes but with standard mounting brackets because I...
  14. JonRobinson82

    Z22SE Heeeeeeelp :(

    OK so here's the deal: Vauxhall Vectra (52 plate "b") 2.2 CDX K&N panel filter Derestricted air box / 3 pipe mod FPR vacuum pipe on inlet manifold NGK PTR5A 10 spark plugs (was Bosch hlr8stex triple plugs) 2nd hand latest model GM coil pack Klarius metal matrix cat (from the look of it seems to...
  15. JonRobinson82

    Shocking performance when hot!

    Hi guys (and gals maybe) I'm getting seriously shocking performance when the car is hot now we have some scorching weather! I mean I know an engine loves cool and damp but why such a difference when the engine has got hot?! I'm talking about after running for a while. Was at Southend the other...
  16. JonRobinson82

    Question for the more experienced lol

    Hi guys (and maybe gals) I have just bought a "type approved" Klarius 321456 cat off of eBay. This is apparently the one I require according to the online shop (after trying to purchase a £106 version and requiring a cancellation and reorder of the £117 one) yet it seems to be a metallic cat as...
  17. JonRobinson82

    Wanted: vectra b z22se cat

    Sorry if it's in the wrong section or anything. As the title suggests I'm after a cat for my z22se vectra b. I'm in Essex but can travel a little. Anything that'll save paying 110 quid for one of eBay. Not even sure if it's a proper one on ebay?
  18. JonRobinson82

    Supercharge build

    Hey guys, After seeing Pleomax post about rebuilding the engine with standard parts and already knowing you CAN run a standard block with supercharger kit, I am wondering what parts should be replaced and what parts it would be worth borrowing from other engine codes to do a supercharge build...
  19. JonRobinson82

    2526055A replacement for z22se coil pack??

    As the title suggests, I was wondering if the part no 2526055A might be a suitable coil pack replacement using HT leads etc? I have a 52 plate Vectra B 2.2 CDX. Ebay link for this part follows:
  20. JonRobinson82

    Z22SE Engine dying now won't start :(

    Hi guys (and gals maybe) I have a rather strange problem. My car started dying Friday evening (twice in Asda car park, once on the way out, once on the way onto the A13 and once on the way off the A13) before it just wouldn't start anymore and got a tow home from my dad. The next morning it...