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    2.4 Inlet How to fit 2.4 inlet manifold to an Astra.

    where the yellow nipped is just in front of the throttle body
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    Astra/Kadett MK2 project - El Batallas

    amazing work
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    Hello from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

    might be worth checking the servo non return valve and pipes for any leaks they can cause air leak when braking
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    B207 - NA

    I think I'm going to get some kw coil over they were suggested to me by Courtenay sports cheers for you're advice as always
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    B207 - NA

    finally got this engine to run smoothly put new gaskets plus pcv valve on inlet manifold still ran rough but better then disconnected that loom plug behind battery and cleaned with switch cleaner one day later it threw up a code for number 2 injector edge of plug was damaged fixed replaced...
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    A20NFT Astra J vxr engine

    nice to see you back thought you left
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    Pathetic throttle response - Causes & solutions

    the videos I've been watching is the race chip xlr which connects through the throttle pedal and is supposed to just give you 7 different throttle responses no expert but it did look pretty good
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    Pathetic throttle response - Causes & solutions

    that's a shame the YouTube videos did look impressive
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    Pathetic throttle response - Causes & solutions

    cheers again your advice is always the best
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    Pathetic throttle response - Causes & solutions

    just wondering if anyone has tried one of these
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    B207 - NA

    cheers mate helpful as always
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    B207 - NA

    hi all just bought some new ngk spark plugs and was wondering if I have to change the gaps due to the higher compression ratio or just leave them alone cheers
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    evap purge valve

    when should the evap valve start ticking mine never comes on
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    B207 - NA

    done that car running a lot smoother give it a few days and make up my mind
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    B207 - NA

    was thinking of getting new accelerate pedal only thing I haven't changed
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    B207 - NA

    can't seem to get this car to run smoothly I put all new sensor on the engine fpr coil pack before mapping and it still smells rich and idles rough since getting back car got new throttle body no idea what else could be wrong any thoughts would be appreciated thanks
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    B207 - NA

    finally got car remapped last week runs like a pig fast on the motor way bhp 160 they said they couldnt get a proper reading because it was automatic and it kept changing gear
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    traction control wiring

    I have a traction control switch but no loom does anybody know what pin numbers on the back of the switch go . cheers
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    it's a surpressor
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    Chit Chat post

    be careful