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  1. flatbeat

    Met another

    Need to get some club stickers There are lots of 2.2s out there And people don't know a lot about them You only have to look on Facebook I love the 2.2se engine and would have another one at a heart beat
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    Welcome to the site
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    Z22SE Sump question advice needed

    Some of the sumps have the connection in the sump and just need the sensor
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    hello from doncaster

    Welcome to the mad house
  6. flatbeat

    Hi All

    Welcome to the site Nice looking ride do like the vx220
  7. flatbeat

    cam chain

    You will need to check the Pistons for cracks but you should to get away with it and just rebuilding the head The best person to speak to is Carl evens
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  9. flatbeat

    letterbox back box prob

    The bit that breaks off is the bit of metal in the middle of the tail pipe you might Get away with just welding it back
  10. flatbeat

    letterbox back box prob

    It's the baffles in the box have come loose it's a common issue with this style you could try and reweld them Or remove the baffles
  11. flatbeat

    Abs problem

    The sensors are part of the hub You will need to replace the hub But first chech the wire from the Inner wing to the hub plug
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    I would also fit the air feed pipe off the vec as its bigger and can be picked up cheaply from most scrappys but yea the derestricted air box is the way forward with a panel filter the I would remove the pre cat
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    Hi everybody

    Hello and welcome
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    congratulations evocarlos.

    Well done mate Should of been first
  15. flatbeat

    any one near stoke on trent

    You could upload a video You can get code readers cheap now or buy s copy of op com
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    Hi all

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  17. flatbeat

    Left front fog lamp

    Yes there is a fuse but both would be out Chances are it's just the buld that's gone
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    Hello z22se owners!

    Welcome to the site
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    Hi from great Yarmouth

    Welcome to the site
  20. flatbeat

    Anybody close to do camchain

    Defo carls the mad I drove from manchester I was quoted just over a grand by vaux to do it I got a gen gm cam chain kit off ebay and a fai balance kit for just over £200 delivered then it was just an oil filter and good quality oil