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    Wanted Lightened Flywheel Wanted

    OK, Thanks. I will have a word with my local machine shop tomorrow
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    Wanted Lightened Flywheel Wanted

    Hi All, I've got my engine completely stripped, just waiting for the crankshaft to be polished at the local machine shop. Seems it would be a good idea to fit a lighter flywheel while it's all in bits, has anyone got one for sale?
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    For Sale F/S ***ported & polished Z22SE THROTTLE BODY*** 'exchange'

    Re: F/S ***ported & polished Z22SE THROTTLE BODY*** 'exchang Engine is fitted and running sweetly, I sure notice a difference with this throttle body. It's well worth the investment! I popped my old one in the post today mate, thanks a lot
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    self destructed engine

    I've got a 35K Mile Head for sale if you want to go down that route
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    Holed Block, Best Course of action?

    I bought Nick's Engine, now fitted and running sweetly. I took the opportunity to get a Polished & Ported Throttle Body from him while I was at. We took the Head off my old engine and luckily it survived! So I have a 35K mile Head for sale when i get it cleaned up
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    My Brothers laptop (Broke maybe)

    Windows 7 & Vista are crap, install XP on it if you want speed ... m-p/810477
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    Holed Block, Best Course of action?

    I was already looking at it on ebay so this site helped me decide, Thanks Again :)
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    Holed Block, Best Course of action?

    Looks like I'm gonna buy the Engine from Nickyb on here as he's not far away from me. Thanks for the help Guys :)
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    Holed Block, Best Course of action?

    Does anyone know what the likelihood of the Head surviving Damage?, that way I could change the bottom end and fit a Cam Chain Kit and still come out around the same price as a full 2nd hand unit without doing the chain
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    STANDARD ENGINE low mileage

    Where are you mate cos I need one as well
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    Holed Block, Best Course of action?

    Hi All Got a 53 Plate Astra 2.2SRi with 35k on the clock and it's stuck a Con Rod through the side of the Block. The Cam Chain didn't snap, what's the best way to go about sorting it. I'm not a mechanic per se, just tinker a bit Cheers