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    Oil Leak Vectra C 2.2 Petrol

    Hi all , I have a Vectra C 2.2L Petrol model 2005, and it started with oil leak from many areas, my mechanic suggested not to repair as repairing one area will lead to leakage from other area. I found on Amazon a stop leak fluid named "Lucas Engine oil stop leak" , did anyone tried it? It says...
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    Check Engine in Vectra C 16V

    Hi all, I will start by apologizing with the long story and English mistakes.. I have a strange problem with my Vectra C 2.2L model 2008 (face lift). I had misfire issues and I was advised to replace the coil pack. I bough on Ebay a cheap replacement from China which repaired the misfire...
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    Check Engine lights on a Vectra C