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    Wanted WANTED! Astra 2.2 starter motor!

    hi all as above, while i'm still waiting for my delivery of a voltage meter i might as well find a starter which i'm 99% sure i'm in need of so.... anyone have 1 to sell, at a good price of course! ;) thanks nick

    HELP! battery always drained, is the alternator charging?

    hi all, thought i'd rack all your brains as mine are mashed! its a Z22SE in a astra convertible and all started 4-5 months ago with what i thought was a flat battery so it was changed and all was well until a week or so later, i did put the old battery on charge which is still a great battery...

    Wanted 2.2 alternator wanted a.s.a.p for Astra G

    as above guys, after a alternator for the wifes 2.2 Astra cab, let me know as soon as with a posted price please thanks

    overheating! headgasket failure?

    hi all, just a quick one, a freind has a 2.2 thats overheating alot, don't think its thermostat, could it be the head gasket at all? any other ideas? thanks guys!

    fitting a vectra engine into a astra?

    hi all, i've been serching trying to find any earlier threads about it but struggling to find any, i'm trying to find out how much of a job it is to fit the vectra engine into a astra with the power steering being pumped from the head ofn the vectra one? thanks guys!

    F/S***Z22SE engine & gearbox***

    hi all, this is my engine from my well loved silver estate, due to my new project of a GSI estate that needs some love to bring her back to her showroom condition, i see the best way for my to sell the silver estate was too strip it as i need to keep afew nice extras that i put on the car so to...

    F/S*** Courtenay Sport polished coil plaque***

    hi all, heres a nice finishing touch to any 2.2 engine bay, a polished stainless Courtenay Sport plaque that sits in the centre of coil pack £15 delivered

    F/S***Z22SE engine parts***

    as above guys & girls... got some Z22SE engine parts here that i no longer need so here they are! some of these parts are worth good money but i've priced to sell as just not needed any more & others i've not a clue what they sell for so am open to offers on all items. they can all be...

    F/S*** climate surround / units, 2.2 inlet, irmy fuel flap

    as above got... black design edition climate control surround £10 posted climate control units £5 posted each irmy cover on fuel flap £5 posted 2.2 inlet manifold £15 posted
  10. NICKYB

    whats needed to put a Z22SE into a 1.8 car?

    hi all, i have a Z22SE engine with airbox, throttle body through to the downpipe & cat from a Vectra b, do i need the full engine wiring loom to fit it into a 1.8 modelled Vectra b? would that be normally sold seperatly? also is there anything else that'll be needed? thanks nick
  11. NICKYB

    F/S*** Z22SE engine & box from Vectra B () ***

    my new project is now on the driveway waiting for funds, bllod, sweat & tears but before any of this can be done i need to make abit of room, because i'm wanting to use so much of the cars upgrades it'll be silly of me to try and put back to standard and sell so i fugure the only way is going to...
  12. NICKYB

    how too sell my engine?

    hi all, having never stripped a great running car etc. not sure the best way to go about it all. i've not got a crane nor anywere i could really get the engine if i got it out which is my main worry, would me advertising it as can be heard running and you strip it out yourself be ok to do or...
  13. NICKYB

    who had the TV shoot with the powerfullest vectra then?

    As above, whos vectra SRI 2.2 is featured in next months Total Vauxhall mag claiming to be possibly the most powerfullest one? Come on some one must know who it is!
  14. NICKYB

    astra lock set

    As above after a lock set from a astra g Thanks nick
  15. NICKYB

    F/S ST carbon wheel & gear surround

    as above, here i have a ST gen irmscher carbon steering wheel & gear surround, am looking to get a GSI titanium steering wheel "hint hint" please contact me if you either have a GSI wheel your interested in swapping or even if your just looking to sell. as you can see in pics the wheels has a...
  16. NICKYB

    WANTED! VX220 Steering Wheel

    as above, i'm on the look out for a VX220 steering wheel, also to save members serching ebay, i know of the 1 on there. thanks nick
  17. NICKYB

    F/S***GSI vectra alloys, headlights, steelies***

    as above, had abit of a clear out set of carello headlights off vectra b 95-02 (ideal for blacking out) O/S bottom lug broke but no affect on fitting, with minimal chips on lenses £30 posted set of 4 steel wheels (used on a VX demo car so as new but dirty) £50 delivered (£30 collected...
  18. NICKYB

    NICKYB ported & polished throttle bodies BE QUICK!!!

    hi all due to the summer just being around the corner i'm going to have much less time to do these throttle bodies so i'm going to take orders on 3 more then that'll be it for a while and when i do them again it'll just be once there done and will be sold there & then plus this will be done with...
  19. NICKYB

    ***NICKYB ported & polished throttle body (READY NOW)***

    hi all, i have a throttle body here ready to send out tomorrow or the day after payment has been made via ROYAL MAIL first class recorded delivery it was done for a member who has now no need for it due to a change of plans so i bought it back etc. it hasn't been fitted since it was done and...
  20. NICKYB

    Vibe AC15 Twin Loaded - 4500W Bandpass Extreme Enclosure

    Here we have my Vibe AC15 Twin Loaded - 4500W Bandpass Extreme Enclosure This AC set-up is mind blowing & with the right amp running it will quite easy be more bass than you & your car could handle. There is a few scuffs due to getting it in & out of cars, and it being a 2 man job just to lift...