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  1. J

    For Sale Bits and pieces

    Had a clear out and found some bits sitting around which I have no use for. Head gasket £5 Head bolt set £5 Valve stem seals £5 Crank pulley bolt £1 All brand new, postage extra. Might save them a trip to the bin and someone else a couple of quid
  2. J

    For Sale Z22SE ECU

    Fully working ECU from a Vectra B. I don't have the chip or transponder but I believe there is a guide on here that lets you find the security code. £15 posted
  3. J

    Astra shark eye/xenon headlights

    To those that have these fitted, what's the light output like compared to standard headlights? I am thinking about buying some but had xenons on my Vectra which were quite frankly, s**t, and want to avoid making the same mistake more than once! Cheers :)
  4. J

    Nipple size

    Does anyone know if these are the right bleed nipples for the front calipers on an astra mk4? Is the length important? I have 308mm discs if it makes a difference. Thanks...
  5. J

    For Sale Lots of 2.2 stuff for sale

    All taken off a Vectra B
  6. J

    Breaking Vectra B 2.2 Sri 150 breaking

    I am breaking a vectra b with the z22se engine, if anyone wants anything at all then let me know
  7. J

    For Sale F23 gearbox for sale

    F23 gearbox, in good running order. Came out of a Vectra B. £30 collected from Manchester
  8. J

    For Sale EGR Cheater & Blanking Plate

    Breaking my car so the above parts are up for grabs. Both originally bought via the website. £10.56 posted
  9. J

    For Sale Saab B207 cylinder head and block

    I have a Saab B207 head for sale, includes cam cover, coil pack cover and cams. Came out of a car with 58k miles. Will fit a Z22SE block with a few adaptations. £200 collected but may be able to post I also have the block, one of the liners is a bit loose but has things like oil jets for...
  10. J

    Wanted inlet manifold

    Looking for a standard inlet manifold in good condition, cheap and cheerful, preferably close to Manchester :)
  11. J

    For Sale Ported And Polished Throttle Body

    For sale is my ported & polished throttle body, bought from our very own bobbyknowlds. It's cleaned up and ready to go, selling as I am taking my car back to standard Looking for £50 posted
  12. J

    For Sale Brand new lightened flywheel + 3 piece clutch kit

    As above, the flywheel is a steel billet one from Courtenay Sport, completely unused. Also included is a 3 piece clutch kit. £320 collected from Manchester, or can post
  13. J

    White exhaust?

    Excuse the crap pic, but I took my exhaust manifold off today and noticed the precat was completely white and not like the pics that are around on the site. Does anyone know what might have caused this to happen? I've had no issues with the car so can't imagine what it might be
  14. J

    For Sale Chris tullet exhaust manifold

    Returning my car back to standard so time for this to go, perfect condition and only a few months old. No pics as it is still on the car but I can get one if any really wants one. Looks just like the one on Courtenay's site. £425 delivered.
  15. J

    Vectra cams into an Astra?

    Does anyone know if the cams from a vectra b will fit in the head of an Astra z22se? I know the inlet cam of the vectra is longer but was wondering if it would fit anyway. Cheers
  16. J

    On its way

    Just bought a supercharger with the inlet manifold, dual pass endplate, throttle body, pump for the charge cooler, brackets and gaskets for 1k delivered from Canada. It's been sent via snail mail but should be here sometime next month. :D Going to get everything else together in the meantime...
  17. J

    Which pulley size?

    Just wondering if anyone knew what the correct pulley size is for a Stage 2 Z22SE sc conversion? I know the standard supercharger pulley is no good as it uses a 6 rib belt, and Courtenay only seem to sell the stage 1 pulley. Thanks :thumbup:
  18. J

    what compression ratio?

    Looking for a definite answer on this, what is the best CR on a supercharged 2.2? I read something to say that the earlier conversions ran a lower CR (8.9:1?) but nowadays this is closer to standard? What sized pistons would be best then, the 8.9:1 oversized ones or something to give a higher...
  19. J

    aircon pipes wanted

    Must be for a Vectra B, I'm after the one behind the rad that has the pressure switch screwed into it, thanks
  20. J

    Saab B207 cylinder head + block for sale

    Came out of a 2004 Saab 93 with 58,000 miles on the clock. Does not have valves, springs or rocker arms but does have cams, all bearing caps and cam cover. Ideal if you want to port and polish, £200 collected. Also for sale is the block which includes everything except pistons. One of the...