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    Saab to vauxhall compatibility.

    Some absolute low life decided to stab a hole in my soft top roof last night. Its a 2003 astra 2.2 I was wondering if anyone knew if a saab roof from a 9-3 would fit? Many thanks in advance.
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    2.4 Inlet 2.4 Manifold and Throttle body

    Good afternoon folks, I know this has probably been covered to death already on other threads but was there a resolution found for getting the 2.4 TB to run on the 2.2 astra in conjunction with the 2.4 inlet manifold?
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    Strange Noise at low speed

    My Astra has started making a strange high pitched sort of grinding noise. its really hard to describe lol it can only be heard outside the car (or inside when the windows are down). its coming from the front of the car at low speed and when turning.
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    Wanted 2.4 Manifold and Throttle body

    Good evening folks, I'm looking to add a 2.4 manifold and throttle body to my current set up. Is there any for sale out there? Thanks in advance, Ross
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    Astra MK4 2.2 Sri overheating

    Evening folks, got an issue with the car (again!). For the last couple of days the car has started overheating if i put the heater on the temp gauge drops right down but I've got to put the window down to stop my face melting. Any ideas?
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    Lightweight flywheel and fast road clutch

    Evening folk, I recently bought a lightweight flywheel and fast road clutch from Courteney sport. I put it in to a local garage to have it all fitted, however, they have just called me to say it's not lining up. Has anyone ever had an issue with this job?