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  1. Marty64

    Wanted Oil adapter holow screw

    I've broken and looking for this part: Someone have this in spare ?
  2. Marty64

    Wanted Z22SE Balance shaft bearing

    Hi all, Looking for balance shaft bearings, broke one :-( (item 24 and 26)
  3. Marty64

    VX220 Crankshaft wedge needed

    Hi, Looking for my crankshaft wedge but i think i lost it :( Think it was in a bag with my crankshaft and i bin the bag. Surely wedge was in it. Do you know what part number is ? Number 53 on this pic: Thank's
  4. Marty64

    Z22SE Oil Piston Squirters

    Hi ! For my SC Stage 4, i don't have a B207 bottom block. Just the cylinder head is from b207. I seen that b207/z20let engines have piston oil jets/squirters. Are they necessary for my stage level ? ZZP sell oil squiters gen2 : Is it possible to add them on my Z22SE block ? Is there a bolt to...
  5. Marty64

    Wanted VX220 Oil adaptator + relief valve

    Hi all, I'm looking for the oil adapter ( 13 ) and the relief valve. Make an offer with shipping cost to France. TY
  6. Marty64

    Astra SC Dyno : more is possible ?

    Hi Guys ! The new owner of my Astra SC has passed a dyno and result is this map: We hope for more than 216hp !? What do you think about this result, my ex-astra setup was: Eaton M62 with 3.1" pulley LSJ green injectors (410cc) LSJ T/B (68mm) CS Phenolic spacer Dual pass mod OBDT software...
  7. Marty64

    Sold Astra Convertible Bertone Supercharged LHD

    Hey everyone, it's time to separate myself from my car to start a new project (VX220 SC), this is a translate from my french ad: Brand: OPEL Model: Astra Cabriolet 2.2 16v - Bertone Pack Year: 2003 Mileage: 106.000 km (scalable) Engine: 2.2 Petrol Supercharged Power: 147ch of origin, I would...
  8. Marty64

    Asta G Convertible Soft Top Cleaning

    Today and after more than 10 years that this has not been done, i dicided to clean my soft top. Done it with Renovo products and working well: I Brushed the dry roof I Applied Renovo Cleaner (500ml) I waited 60 mins and brushed the roof with clean hot water I rinsed the roof Waited until the...
  9. Marty64

    LHD CENTER CONSOLE with GPS (sat nav)

    Hi, I'm looking for part number of a LHD Center Console with GPS and auto climate in Beige (Bronze) Like the number 8 in the pic but can't find part number. Only found 2 part numbers: item 5 GM 9196595 OPEL 7209004 RECOUVREMENT CENTRAL,TABLEAU DE BORD,CAG,BRONZE (UTILISER AVEC ECRAN DE...
  10. Marty64

    Eaton M62 Lightweight rotors : possible DIY ?

    Hi guys, See this pic on cobalt SS forum: Do you think is it possible to do this with our stock rotors ? With drill press, dremel or something like that. Stock rotors are enough strong to support this mod or need another material type ? Think about it cause will be rebuild my SC and porting it.
  11. Marty64

    Eaton M90 / Harrop TVS1900 Supercharger on Z22SE ?

    Hi Guys ;) Does M90 Eaton supercharger will fit on our Z22SE (into VX220) ? And what benefits/looses betwen M62 and Harrop ? Cause m90 are cheaper than Harrop TVS 1320 !! Want to use it with deutch firmware. TY.
  12. Marty64

    Marty's Z22SE Rebuild

    Hi, Now that my Astra's S/C project is nearing completion (need a full 2.5" exhaust system): i want more !! With this experience, and after having read many threads from guys, (vocky, evocarlos,...) i plan to rebuild an used engine lying aroung my garage. The project is to make a...
  13. Marty64

    Supercharger CR ?

    Hi, In future, i will put a 2.8" pulley on my astra Z22SE supercharged car with dualpass, ported head, LS4 T/B, ported T/B, ported SC, vxr injectors, 3" exhaust system and maybe some oversized valves. Ecu remap with Odbtuner. I bought 10 CR Wiseco pistons/con rods to support the hp. I read 8.9...
  14. Marty64

    Marty from France : New Astra G Z22SE Bertone Convertible

    Hi Guys ! ;) I'm Marty 34' from France :) I was looking for a convertible "young timer" car and particulary a BMW 325ci E30. And by browsing web sites, i discovered the Opel Astra G Cab : Waouw (y)! What a nice car ! Falling in love and decided buy one !! lol :sneaky: Soo, i found my astra G...