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  1. figo126

    dutch software

    will a astra 2.2 ecu with dutch software go into a vx220 z22se ecu ,with no issues,
  2. figo126

    alarm problems

    hi all ,, my alarm keeps going off after a few minutes after locking car with the key fob,, its a 2002 astra coupe 2.2 , its only just started doing it, and it doesn't have a sounder box on passenger side inner wing, its got a horn under the scuttle drivers side , its started to be a pain...
  3. figo126

    For Sale external trigger wheel,,

    external trigger wheel comes with powder coated timing cover with the sensor holding mounted onto it ,, £60 plus postage,,,
  4. figo126

    For Sale b207 head

    saab b207/ z20net cylinder head ,,is stripped down but could rebuild, can arrange postage ,,pm me.... £75 +postage....
  5. figo126

    For Sale z22yh intake pipe for z22se,,vectra c z22yh in

    2 x Vectra c , inlet pipes, 1 with hole for inlet temp sensor , 2nd untouched , £10 + £3 postage ,,,,,,,,,,, each ,,, or offers welcome,,,
  6. figo126

    For Sale astra g opc copy grill

    opc copy grill for mk4 astra , £10 ,,, £5 delivery,,
  7. figo126

    got rid of oil burner

    after 5 years of owning a Vectra oil burner ive had my head turned , fancied one off these for a bit , so found this one in wales, only 14k on clock , boost blue ? bit of a change from driving a estate , better on fuel , cheaper tax , cheaper insurance, looks like the coupe will have wait a bit...
  8. figo126

    For Sale z22se engine 74k

    time to sell my 74k original engine for my coupe , this car was bought with 16 bent valves , june 2015, had the head re-built , 16 new valves , 16 new cam-followers, new guides ,elring head gasket , new elring head bolts , port and polished exhaust ports , skimmed , pressure tested, new...
  9. figo126

    astra bertone coupe for parts bertone coupe

    astra bertone coupe 1.8 for parts, all parts cheap ,stripping this coupe to the shell , so any daft part will be available, the engine has had a timing belt failure , pm me or call , text 07917546633,,,,,,
  10. figo126

    ring gaps

    bought new mahle piston rings for n/a engine rebuild , but now going for b207r with z22se crank/ conrods /pistons ? will these rings need gapping for turbo use ? all z22se/z20net /b207 bores are 68mm standard , will I need to gap these for turbo use ,seem a bit sloppy when fitted to standaed...
  11. figo126

    z20net cams

    does anyone know the part numbers for z20net camshafts , didn't take any notice when removing them , and mixed them up , need to cut the exhaust cam down but don't know which is which ???? don't wont to cut the wrong one ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, cheers???????????????
  12. figo126

    For Sale hydro dipped z22se engine cover

    for sale z22se engine cover and oil cap hydro dipped , could also dip to order most parts , sticking with yh plastic cover so no longer needed £50 + postage ,
  13. figo126

    z22yh coilpack to z22se engine

    is it possible to wire the coilpack from yh to se , ive got the yh plastic rocker cover which is hydrodripped, and ive had the yh coilpack cover dipped but plugs are different , can I chop se plug off and solder yh plug on,,,hope so ???????
  14. figo126

    z20net head

    just bought a z20net head off flea bay what mods are needed to fit to a z22se bottom end ???
  15. figo126

    6 speed gearbox options

    thinking off going to 6 speed gearbox , ive found a Vectra 6 speed f40 gearbox with the starter at the front (didn't think they did f40 front starter ) also the Vectra vxr uses the same box , I know its going to be heavier any ideas what linkage to use cheers?????????????
  16. figo126

    z22se engine cover

    just had my engine cover hydrodipped , really impressed , going to fit tomorrow when its dryed,
  17. figo126

    z22se piston rings?

    which are the best piston rings for the z22se , using original pistons , don't wont to put crap in to change them later on , cheers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  18. figo126

    For Sale speakers for sale

    getting rid of my ice , money needed for engine rebuild , sony xav-63 multimedia player double din £80 ono original box ,alpine mrx-55 1100w monoblock amplifier £60 original box , rux-knob bass controller £10 , alpine type r component speakers 300w £80 ono original box , hertz ev 165.5 210w...
  19. figo126

    z22yh parts

    z22yh parts for sale , crank , pistons with conrods , high pressure pump looks quite new , egr valve, injectors inlet manifold , bare head ,,,,,,, for offers , not wanting much make a offer ,,,,
  20. figo126

    vented front wing?

    been playing with the idea of venting my drivers front wing ,going to play with the idea of a air filter mod fed from the vents on the wing ,I know it needs work but asking you lads what you think should I carry on or bin it ????????????????????