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  1. HarleyPete

    Blank Dash Panel

    Hi all, The evening before last I had been in and out of the car a few times running around. Got into the car and turned ignition on to be confronted with the warning lights that indicate a door/the boot is open. At that point the wife also mentioned that nothing else was working (I hadn't...
  2. HarleyPete

    Signum wiper mechanism.

    Well last night was a very interesting one. Left work to head home with the wife and stopped at our local Tesco Express to pick a few bits up. Sat there with the engine running and the wipers going on intermittent waiting for the wife when, suddenly, the near side wiper goes clunk against the...
  3. HarleyPete

    Ultimate boys toy.

    This has got to be the ultimate in boys toys for a mechanic. <div id="fb-root"></div><script>(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src =...
  4. HarleyPete

    Signum heated auto dimming offside mirror glass.

    A quick question, I need to get hold of a heated auto dimming offside mirror glass for my Signum. Some kind person of uncertain parentage decided on the way back with my daughter to knock my mirror glass out. They obviously couldn't be bothered to stop and apologise for driving like a part of...
  5. HarleyPete

    Just came across this.

    This is pretty impressive especially if you could use it slightly differently and spray through a stencil of some kind. Just imagine having something hidden on your bodywork that only comes to life at night. Have a look at this.
  6. HarleyPete

    New tyres for the Signum.

    Just had four new tyres put on the car. National Tyres doing a deal on Barum Bravuris 3HM tyres. All four fitted for 230 quid whereas they are normally 104 quid each. Must admit they make a difference to the Avon ZV5's that were fitted.
  7. HarleyPete

    Fed up to say the least.

    Well next door neighbour is having a new fence put it up in the front garden. So they came today and dug out the old posts and in doing so cut straight through my virgin media cable to the house. Not entirely there fault though as when it was put in they didn't do it properly so I've now found...
  8. HarleyPete

    Signum key remote transpnder replacement.

    Hi all, Has anyone attempted to replace the transponder on one of their Signum keys. The type that's soldered to the PCB. Going to have a go at my spare as I think it's been coded before as using op-com to try and program it just brings up a programming failed error message. This happens when...
  9. HarleyPete

    Massive thanks to Evocarlos

    Just wanted to say a massive thanks again to Carl for fitting the chains for me. Not only did he give me a lot of expert interesting information but also gave me a tour of the Batcave. I would recommend him to anyone who doesn't fancy or who doesn't have the know how to do them. He is a top top...
  10. HarleyPete

    Fog lamp issue.

    Hi all, I know that there has been other post reference fog lamps but mine appears a little different. Periodically I get the lamp warning light up on the dash and the display says to check L/H fog light. However, both fogs work and as soon as I turn them on the light goes out on the dash. If...
  11. HarleyPete

    Alloy wheels and your spare?

    Hi all, Just a quick query. Some of you appear to have bigger wheels or alloys fitted to you cars (17's, 18's or 19's). How do you reconcile the bigger wheels with having a spare in the boot. I have 17's on my car running 225/45 R 17 tyres. When I bought my car there was no spare wheel, so I...
  12. HarleyPete

    What's happened to the timing/balance chain kits in the shop.

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what's happened to the link for the timing/balance chain kits that were in the forum shop? They appear to have disappeared from the shop. Are they not available anymore? Pete
  13. HarleyPete

    Has anyone tried these guys?

    Hi all, Not sure if this is in the right place so Admin please move if required. Was talking to a work colleague who has a Zafira with the Z22YH engine in it and we were discussing the High Pressure Fuel Pump issue. I had a quick scout on Ebay to see what sort of prices they were and came...
  14. HarleyPete

    Hi all.

    Tomorrow I pick up my 2.2 Direct Elite on a 56 plate with 90k on the clock. Juts hoping now that I haven't made a mistake from what I've read about the timing chains. It runs really quiet, in fact so quiet you almost can't hear it when standing next to it. It has quite a comprehensive service...