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  1. astra22bertoneauto

    Wanted Astra MK4 Centre Console

    Hi All WANTED: Astra MK4 centre console with the rectangular cutout for the climate control panel. If you have one please reply with a picture and price including delivery. Cheers
  2. astra22bertoneauto

    Yet another year with Adrian Flux

    Had a renewal price of £576 (inc. breakdown) from Adrian Flux so had a quick go at and AXA offered a policy for £404 plus breakdown. After haggling with Adrian Flux I got a renewal of £400 plus breakdown. GET IN!
  3. astra22bertoneauto

    Resolved Query? - Email notifications of replies

    Hi Matt Just a query if I was doing something wrong? When I reply to and/or create posts I find I get 1 or 2 emails notifications of replies but then they stop after that so i dont know if anyone else replies e.g. 1st person replies email yes - 2nd reply email no - 3rd reply email no and so...
  4. astra22bertoneauto

    Interior Remove instrument panel on Vectra

    astra22bertoneauto submitted a new resource: Remove instrument panel on Vectra (version 1.0) - Remove instrument panel on Vectra Read more about this resource...
  5. astra22bertoneauto

    Plenum induction sound.....

    Heres a treat for you all......1st video of the plenum sound with K&N filter behind the front n/s/f fog light. Not the best video with sound maybe?
  6. astra22bertoneauto

    Bought something off ebay

    I bought an Irmy "i" grille for my car off ebay. Got it at a reasonable price, all received & fitted so looking good. Seller asked me for some positive feedback so heres my response......(I think i am being fair) Hi Unfortunately I would have to leave Neutral feedback for the following...
  7. astra22bertoneauto

    Another cracked manifold.....

    Just thought id share some pics of the standard manifold taken off my blue convertible.As you can see that even its fairly recent but already started cracking in the same spot ive had them crack before. The car did have the original exhaust and yes a pre-cat was fitted. Its now been ditched...
  8. astra22bertoneauto

    My Cars Update

    Just a small update on my cars. The silver bertone auto has gone to car heaven and I have now got two more. The black coupe i bought last October 2011 with a shade under 35k miles on the clock with full dealer history. Z22SE engine with Auto box. Factory options included cream leather with...
  9. astra22bertoneauto

    A Secret Warning Of Snow???

    Saw this on the BBC weather report this morning and chuckled. Is it the BBC hinting of snow to come? Look for the snowman face in the bottom right of the screen :)
  10. astra22bertoneauto

    Soft Top Roof Care

    Hi all. Ive just bought another z22se astra. This time its a manual with a soft top bought for £1150. European blue with blue roof. Ill post another thread with pics/info when i get some pics done. My Q is whats best to treat the soft roof as its meant to be blue but previous owners lacked...
  11. astra22bertoneauto

    The story so far....

    Heres a few old posts to start the storyline: - The begining..... What happened..... and now I have rebuilt her and added a few more bits. Powerflex bushes were added whilst the...
  12. astra22bertoneauto

    Astra Xenon Headlights

    Managed to get hold of a set of ballasts, bulbs & ignitors for my Depo headlights today. They came off a 2002 Renault Clio!!! Perfect fit as they are all the same equipment used by a few car manufacturers during that period. Now all i need is the connector plugs, does anyone know where I can...
  13. astra22bertoneauto

    For Sale Vectra Xenon Headlights & washer system

    Hi All For sale is a pair of Factory Xenon headlights taken from a 2001 Vectra. Complete with D2s bulbs, ballasts etc. Was tested working before i removed them. Also included is the headlight washer system. Washer jets, pipe, motor & larger washer bottle. Please Note: Someone has removed the...
  14. astra22bertoneauto

    I think this'll fit.......

    Managed to get hold of a plenum for the z22se. Lots of modding & re-arranging todo now :eek:
  15. astra22bertoneauto

    Seen this on ebay Same rear lights as i bought from a member on here. These are for the hatchback model thou Note: not my listing. Just thought someone might like
  16. astra22bertoneauto

    Powerflex front bushes done

    Spent the weekend putting some of the powerflex bushes onto me car. I found an easier way of putting the front arb bushes on. I say easier but its a bit fiddly and you need small to medium size hands. If you undo the furthest away (from engine) bolt holding the arb bush cover a few turns. Then...
  17. astra22bertoneauto

    Unknown mileage on 2nd user z22se

    Bought a Z22SE engine from my local scrappy. Clocks were already missing on the donor car so ive no idea on the mileage. I removed the tensioner whilst it was in the donor car & it looked healthy with golden oil leaking out of it. Took the plunge and bought it. Collected the following weekend...
  18. astra22bertoneauto

    New Star Wars Xbox console & white Kinect

    Just been told the release date for the new console & white kinect is 3rd April. Got mine on preorder already as ive still got an old white console. Saved up £15 on Game points, £30 Xmas gift voucher & £20 deposit.
  19. astra22bertoneauto

    OPPS wheres that gone???

    Well just spent today stripping the bottom end out of me car ready for a replacement. Engine went bang, threw a rod. I suffered a massive fuel spike (rich-lean-rich) approx 4100rpm. Heres a few pics ..... I took the head off last weekend to find a missing piston dunno.. Today i found all...
  20. astra22bertoneauto

    Heated wing mirror problem

    Hi All. Can anyone give me a few pointers on this electrical problem i have? Passenger wing mirror heated mirror circuit is not working. I have checked the following; Replaced mirror with known working one, Checked for voltage at the plug behind the tweeter - no voltage! The electric adjustable...