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  1. milo

    Tuning Advice Again Z22SE

    My coupe had done 92k when it got fitted with sc kit, made 267 bhp then fitted vxr brakes which is a cheap mode for better stopping power. I had a compression test done just before i sold it and all 4 cylinders were very strong and the car milage was upto 157k. I'd easy done the most mileage...
  2. milo

    Word Association Game

  3. milo

    Word Association Game

  4. milo

    Word Association Game

  5. milo

    New Car

    I got brand new bmw 118i sport on lease in march and I love it! I wish done this years ago :)
  6. milo

    Start of supercharge Z22se build

    This was my build list when I done my astra I say that list of parts cost in excess of £1200 and you got to add in base map and final remap on rollers. I done my build back in 2013 when the pound was strong against the dollar. So you got to factor that into your cost of build atm.
  7. milo

    Hello there from the Netherlands

    Hello and welcome to the site :)
  8. milo

    Project freeze my insignia 4x4 off 2018

    Is this going to be your new daily for a while? Or put right and sell on?
  9. milo

    Milo's Astra Coupe Supercharged Build

    Well the build thread is now at an end :cry::(. The coupe is now with its new owner and I must admit my heart sank slightly as i drove away from it :sick: knowing I'll not have that smile on my face when I hear the charger screaming at full chat :D. I like to thank all of you on the forum for...
  10. milo

    Breaking Milo Astra Supercharge Coupe

    Only items left are: Bola B1's £450 Rear quarter bumb strips £40 Brand new GM knock sensor £30
  11. milo

    Breaking Milo Astra Supercharge Coupe

    Car SOLD.
  12. milo

    timing chain kit, part numbers

    GM timing chain They also do the balance chain just look through they shop
  13. milo

    Breaking Milo Astra Supercharge Coupe

    Hey guys, With new car only week away now:) time to sort out the coupe and with most modified cars its worth more in parts than a whole. So listed below is what im taking off with prices. PM me if interested cheers. Supercharger kit which consists of charger, manifold, zzp pulley, support...
  14. milo

    Milo's Astra Coupe Supercharged Build

    Well its a sad day.......Its time to call time on my SC coupe :(. Got new car coming on 26th march a nice brand new 18 plate 1 series 118 m sport :). Not really into the car modding thing now so going to sell/break it. Rather sell it as a hole but prob be more interest for parts. So will be...
  15. milo

    Z22SE Running Rough

    Did u call them? Or just use they website? As website only shows whats in stock. Most GM parts have to be ordered so wont show online.
  16. milo

    dewismotorsport's Astra coupe

    Love to see this in the flesh! Plz plz dont bin this beauty into the barriers! Great job bud nice to see all the time and hard work u put into making this an awesome track weapon! Big changes from when we meet at pvs many moons ago :)
  17. milo

    2003 Vectra C z22se P0300 misfire fault install it on laptop or borrow a laptop. Best Sub £20 I've spent in a long time. Best way is to have the car running and...
  18. milo

    2003 Vectra C z22se P0300 misfire fault

    Is the fault code always present? When u clear the fault does it always come straight back? Worse case going off your engine bay video is the timing couldve jumped as chain does sound slack and hitting the timing case. Only way to rule that out is to wipe the rocker cover off and check the...
  19. milo

    2003 Vectra C z22se P0300 misfire fault

    I noticed i had a problem as my mpg dropped off a cliff....went from 35mpg to 18mpg. U could have a faulty o2 sensor but wouldnt like to say if u cant get opcom on it as it gives way more info.
  20. milo

    2003 Vectra C z22se P0300 misfire fault

    Looking at your live data i see your rpm is hunting have u checked for airleaks around the intake manifold and throttle body? Your lambda senor for bank one keeps going all over should stay in 800-900 on idle tick over and i see yours dropping into 500, 300 and sure spotted 150mv.