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  1. milo

    Breaking Milo Astra Supercharge Coupe

    Hey guys, With new car only week away now:) time to sort out the coupe and with most modified cars its worth more in parts than a whole. So listed below is what im taking off with prices. PM me if interested cheers. Supercharger kit which consists of charger, manifold, zzp pulley, support...
  2. milo

    Astra G Fan Resistor part number

    Hey all, Need the GM part number for the resistors that control the radiator fan and are located on the back of the radiator. Going to be replacing my coolant setup and need to replace mine as they're goosed. KevinH vocky evocarlos dewismotorsport
  3. milo

    Side lights fuse

    Hey all... Does anyone know what the fuse number is for the side lights? Mine gone off and thought it was bulbs so changed them and still not coming on. Cheers
  4. milo

    Happy New Year!!!!

  5. milo

    Astra G Coupe fuel tank heat shield

    Anyone got/know the part for the fuel tank heat shield. Thanks
  6. milo

    New Tablet - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro 13.3"

    Well decided to treat myself to a brand new Tablet today seeing my old Samsung tablet was starting to play up, so popped into Pcworld and saw this little gem Link below of specs...
  7. milo

    New Toy

    Treated myself to this das 6 pro plus from Also got orange, white hex pads and 2 bottles of meguairs polish.
  8. milo

    Illumination lights on on dash clocks, heater controls and heated seats gone off

    As the title says.......Went to go out in the car tonight and when I turned on my lights on none of the above came on in the car :confused: so thought fuse just blown got to the fuse box all the fuses are OK none blown. So this got me stumped what would cause so much to go out altogether if its...
  9. milo

    passenger window open 10mm on deadlock

    As title says. Im having a strange issue when i go to deadlock the car the passenger window drops as someone going to open the door:confused:. If i only hit the fob once and dont deadlock the car the window stays shut. Any ideas? Ive tried resetting the windows and resetting the fob but no joy...
  10. milo

    Milo's Astra Coupe Supercharged Build

    Well it had to be done :) I'm joining the supercharger club :cool: I've just purchase a kit off Jeff Reiland from the good old u s of a and it should be here in a couple of weeks time. I should have it on the car by PVS time next year if not a little sooner, as i'm in no rush to get it on the...
  11. milo

    Z22SE Temperature guage or other issue??

    Been having issues with my tempature in the last month or so, where its taking ages for the guage to move. Now my journey to work is 25miles each way and its taking around 10miles of driving for it to start moving, which i dont find right?? I know the car is warm as the heat is coming from the...
  12. milo

    Resolved Logout Issue

    @Matt any reason I keep getting asked to login? I login and tick the box to save me, but then if I come back few mins later I got to login in again?? Its happening on PC and when I use my mobile
  13. milo

    Replacing Coupe Side Skirts

    How easy/difficult is it to remove the side skirts off the astra coupe? As I'm thinking replacing mine
  14. milo

    Few up and coming jobs been done Part 2

    Well I'm off to Carl's again in August to get some more work done on the coupe (Not SC unfortunately :(). He'll be testing his painting skills as I finally getting a GSI front bumper (LMF full replica bumper ) and drivers wing fitted and with me doing this to the my current bumper today...
  15. milo

    Few up and coming jobs been done

    Evening all!!! In next week or so I'm off on a massive trek down south to carls to get some need jobs dobe and also have a play in is his coupe. Whole im down they I'll be getting the following down... Both chains done New headlights fitted Bumper repaired Cobra cat back system fitted...
  16. milo

    Astra Vxr brake upgrades

    Quick question peeps, I'm stealthily going to be upgrading the coupe as not to get knacking attack off the missus. I'm wondering, to fit Vxr brake upgrade I just need the calipers and carriers or do I need more stuff? I've tried going through carl project posts to find out but so many pages lol...
  17. milo

    Sold Astra Irmscher Grill

    Got for sale is my old Irmscher grill picture below. Its in good condition and all lugs are in tack. Looking £35 posted.
  18. milo

    Sold K&N 57i Induction
  19. milo

    Work In Progress......

    Over the last month or so I've been working on a new custom centre console for the coupe. I'm going to be fitting one of the following double din units Info of the units found here >>>> Then finishing off by having all the centre console parts...
  20. milo

    Finally got it!!

    After waiting a long time for someone to post one on fleebay!! I got the grill I've wanted to do the Opel badge to carry on the Opel badge conversion. Just need to do the alloys badge caps and all done. Been waiting long time for the honeycomb opel badge style. Seller needs to post ASAP lol