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    Clean Your Wheels - Images Needed for Website

    Hi All, I am after some images of members cars to use on my website for specific areas. Ideally they need to be a bit artistic, with a good landscape or something. For examples, the category with metal polishes, an ideal image would be a close up of the rear bumper focusing on the exhaust...
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    Clean Your Wheels Website Launch Mailing List

    Hi All, I have already posted something under the chit chat post, but I thought I would make a dedicated thread. I have created a mailing list for the launch of my new website, once its completed and I am ready then I will send a newsletter out and within it will have some discount codes off...
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    For Sale Roose Motorsport Z22SE Blue Coolant Hose (Bottle to Rad) Astra

    Hi Guys, Got a coolant hose for the astra z22se here. its a Roose motorsport one that goes from the coolant bottle to top of radiator. brand new never used, they forgot to add it to my kit when I had the astra so they sent it separately, never got round to fitting it. £10 posted, you pay...
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    For Sale TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 Wireless Router

    Got the above for sale on in case anyone is interested, Currently £69.99 posted.
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    YCC - Daily Christmas Detailing/Cleaning Specials

    Everyday until the 20th December I am going put up a special price for a product, this price is only valid for the day the product has been posted, if you wish for other items we can include these at the normal price. Delivery is as usual, £4.89 2-3 day or £5.89 for next day. We missed...
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    Christmas Remap Special Offer!!!

    We are doing a special offer on remaps during the Christmas period. All remaps are £150 if you come to our location, fees apply for us to travel. Remaps must be booked and fitted between 1st December 2014 and 1st January 2015.
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    YCC - Poorboys, Valet Pro, Mothers, R222 Sale

    Hello Everyone, Our website for the cleaning/detailing products is not quite there yet and with the arrival of my newborn I am not sure how soon, So I have put our prices on here for the time being. Let me know what you want or you can PM me or email me your order with preference of payment...
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    For Sale 2001 Vauxhall Astra Coupe SE1 2.2 16v Europa Blue

    Well the Astra is up for sale......
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    What do you buy the most?

    Hello All, As some may already know, we at work are branching into the car cleaning/detailing industry. We have a range of possible brands we can stock at prices much much cheaper than already seen on-line, however we wish to know what brands you buy more of or prefer. Thanks Si
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    Information Display & Steering Controls Stay illuminated

    Got a bit of a funny problem. The steering wheel control lights and the information display stay illuminated when I take the keys out. I have tried another lighting switch/module, but still the same problem. Steering controls are NOT connected to the stereo, I believe this has started today...
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    Birch Sales - Tools and Stuff

    Hi all Made my work's new website live today. Got tools and all sorts on there, have a browse. Will be adding the clothing and footwear range next week.
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    Metal Door Sill Trims - Bringing them back up..

    Has anyone got any idea of how to bring these back up to at least better than they are right now!
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    Keys Programmed & Security Codes @ PVS 2014

    Hi All, Since I am taking my kit to PVS to sort out Milos security code and code in a new flip key, I might as well post and see if anyone else wants anything doing... To read and supply your security code £10 Comes with a card you can put away safely for future reference. Supply a new Astra...
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    For Sale New Morphy Richards Arc 47110 Filter Coffee Maker

    I have for sale a new Morphy Richards ARC 47110 Filter Coffee Maker. Never used, box has been opened to inspect the item. Got this around christmas time as a present but ill never end up using it. £55 posted. Description: The distinctive design and brushed stainless steel finish of the...
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    Tyre/Wheel Guards?

    Hi all, can anyone tell me where I can find some wheel/tyre guards that you put between the rim and the tyre when spraying the wheels? Cheers
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    Sold 288mm Drilled/Grooved Discs + Pads - Front

    Got some Mtec drilled and grooved 288mm discs for the front, off my Astra Coupe. I have now got largers discs new pads and new carriers, so these are not needed. So you get the discs, pads to match each side. Only done 2000 miles since fitted, will get pics up later. £55 posted.
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    2007 Vauxhall Vivaro 2.0 CDTI Remapped

    Remapped Vauxhall Vivaro 2.0 CDTI 115Bhp > 158Bhp | 177 lb/ft > 292 lb/ft torque No piccy as it was dark and it was quite dirty. Main reason for this remap is for the increase in fuel economy.
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    2005 Honda CRV-V 2.2 CTDi Remapped

    Remapped a Honda CRV-V 2.2 CTDi 138Bhp > 193Bhp | 251 lb/ft > 292 lb/ft torque
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    Wanted Astra G H7 Bulb holder

    Hello All, Does anyone have a H7 bulb holder that they do not want/need? One of these in the linky. Let me know what you have...
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    PowR Remap

    Economy and Performance ECU Remap Tuning Discounts for Z22SE members, regardless of vehicle. Contact for more information.