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  1. Matt


    Looks like I broke the site around 2 weeks ago without realising :( Everything should be back up and running properly again now.
  2. Matt

    Image Maintenance

    I'm moving the image storage back to the server, so there might be some images not working for a while until the job completes.
  3. Matt

    Inactive User Removal

    As part of the cleanup I'm doing, I've been through all accounts on the site, and the criteria used: have registered before May 2015, and their last visit was May 2015, and where they have made zero posts (2,695 accounts in total). All these accounts have been deleted from the forum, as their...
  4. Matt

    Announcement GDPR Updates

    You might also notice that when you sign back into the site, you will have to accept the Privacy Policy and the Terms. This is to ensure that we have recorded consent as part of the new GDPR requirements.
  5. Matt

    Announcement Forum Software Update

    You might have noticed, the site looks quite different again. I've upgraded to XenForo2, which is a large upgrade from the old version. The theme is back to the default until I can make some adjustments, but it's a lot less "fussy" than the old custom version we were using (that needed an add-on...
  6. Matt

    Update Removal of Ads

    With the upcoming GDPR affecting how all websites use and maintain user data, along with having to have users explicitly accept cookies and being made aware of what each cookie is, and what it is used for, I've made the decision to remove all adverts from the site. Google Adsense and Skimlink /...
  7. Matt

    New Car

    Had the A3 almost 3 years, so the PCP was about to run out. Purchased this new Golf 1.4 TSI Match Edition last week, and collected it this morning. It's my first ever brand new car :)
  8. Matt

    Announcement Blog for Build Threads

    I'm currently testing a new addon for the forum, which has a lot of potential to be used for Build Threads and Projects. I've been converting one of my old build threads to blog entries, and it's looking and working really nice. If anyone wants to help me test this, please let me know...
  9. Matt

    Announcement TapaTalk

    I've bit the bullet. As I don't use the site as much, I want you guys to have as much access to it as possible, so I've added TapaTalk back. However, it things don't work correctly.....I won't support the investigation of the fault through TapaTalk, I'll simply be keeping the application updated.
  10. Matt

    Update Google Ads

    I've been working on reducing the number of ads being displayed, as there were a few of them that weren't really bringing in any revenue, and just adding to the lag of the page rendering. I've removed all the adex ads that were previously there, and limiting to 3 ads per page being displayed...
  11. Matt


    Anyone going to see it? I've been looking forward to this since the initial trailer was released. Hopefully going to go and see it next week at some point.
  12. Matt

    10th Birthday

    At the end of this month, the forum will have been online for 10 years!!!!
  13. Matt

    Amy's Fiat 500

    Took it in for the MOT on Monday. Failed on the near side rear shock. Had to get a new one fitted. As I'm in between houses at the minute, I just paid the garage to do the work, as I really can't be arsed at the minute.
  14. Matt

    2-factor Authentication

    With the recent forum upgrade, you can now secure your account with 2-factor authentication. This can be reached via your account page, and the drop down for your account in the top right hand side. To enable it, you'll need to re-authenticate with your password The options you have...
  15. Matt

    Update Search Improvement

    I've installed an addon which complements the enhanced search we are using on this site. It takes common words, and allows for completion when typing, based on the current popular words in the search index. It will also make suggestions if you misspell a word
  16. Matt

    Weekly Digest

    Not sure if people have been noticing the "weekly digest" mail which is sent from the site each weekend? If you don't want to receive these, you can unsubscribe at the below URL
  17. Matt

    Update New Theme

    I'm working on a new theme, which I want to release before the 10th birthday of the site. It's the old UI.X we used to run, but it's had a LOT of improvements I've got quite a bit of stuff to do on it, but wanted to show a sneak view of the current color scheme. If anyone has any suggestions...
  18. Matt

    Update HTTPS URLs

    I've neglected the site quite a bit recently, so I'm going through and fixing a lot of issues. I'm in the process of correcting all the linked URLs within posts which still refer back to the HTTPS URLs. Clicking these can cause issues for members, because we don't have a HTTPS certificate...
  19. Matt

    Defqon 1

  20. Matt

    New House

    So, we've sold our house, and we moved out on the 13th November. Our new house hasn't completed yet, so we are currently living at the in-laws until we complete. Can't wait to be in, as it's a lot bigger than the old house