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  1. Dave Gilbert

    Wanted Piston rings

    Anyone got any piston rings, head gasket n maybe forged rods? Smoking pretty bad when warm Done the valve stems, and turbo cartridge is brand new
  2. Dave Gilbert

    Got married

    Most of u guys know but thought I'd tell the rest just incase. Got married Friday in whitby. Been together since we were 17 now we are both 30 thought it was about time.
  3. Dave Gilbert

    window stickers

    a few people have been asking about window stickers, i need to order 10 but can be any colour. i can post them through royal mail im not sure if Matt has any left or if he minds me getting them for everyone. if you you mind let me know, i wont take offence (its your forum lol) if matt...
  4. Dave Gilbert

    Lorry Driving Training.

    Has some know iv been doing my lorry driver training for the last few months. passed all my theory tests hazard perception and cpc theory and today passed my CPC practical. roll on practical test 1 n 2.
  5. Dave Gilbert

    SMD conversion

    Doing a smd conversion on my vectra c sri. a few pics for everyone. milo waiting on blue smds to do a few other bits on the heater controls. But most of it is done changing the aircon to blue and the heater ia only showing hot. passenger door. window door lock/unlock boot unlock light...
  6. Dave Gilbert

    lost my job n looking for an ew 1

    Just lost my bouncy castle manufacturing and hiring job after nearly 10 years. but on the plus side im gonna start training to become a class 1(to the oldies) or hgv1 driver in the next month. got my theory and hazzard tests booked for the 29th oct then crack on as soon as possible on the...
  7. Dave Gilbert

    car show at chesterfield football club 19th september 2015

    i know its short notice but Jon baggaley is organising a show, classic, modern, historic, modified, bikes etc etc 19th september. he would like z22se support if you can make it let us know. its £7.50 entry n hope to make this a annual show that should grow and grow. come on guys put your...
  8. Dave Gilbert

    For Sale webcon trigger wheel

    36-1 trigger wheel. 6" diameter. bolts directly to the crank pulley on z22se With pickup sensor and bracket and full instructions to fit. Offers on it please. They are £130 new plus shipping has been fitted but never ran. thanks
  9. Dave Gilbert

    Wanted NEEDED

    60-2 trigger wheel. ideally 6" diameter. would be nice if it bolted directly to the crank pulley on z22se thanks
  10. Dave Gilbert

    3rd anniversary. woop woop

    Just got my 3rd anniversary trophy I didnt realise it had beed 3 years allready. great forum and great people.
  11. Dave Gilbert

    Engine Cover

    I dint want to clutter up my turbo thread n its not 100% relevant to the build, so anyones ideas on colours on rocker cover and coil cover? I like carls but red doesnt match my theme, but I think orange next to all the yellow caps will look odd. So any ideas. I found this on google. Just for...
  12. Dave Gilbert

    PVS 2015 NAME LIST

    So lets add our names n see if we can get enough people for a stand. then if we have enough people we can decide whos paypal account we are using n go from there? Dont forget how many cars n how many people are in that car.
  13. Dave Gilbert

    halfords 3 tonne ratchet stands

    Half price axle stands at halfords at £14.99 If you apply this code B15MT10. you will get them for £13.49 I have reserved mine and will be collecting on monday.
  14. Dave Gilbert

    Wanted thermostat housing

    Thermostat housing wanted need 1 for extra water take off modification for turbo pickup.
  15. Dave Gilbert

    VECTRA C 2.2 TURBO SRI 16VALVE 250/60BHP (rolling road to let me know soon)

    im not sure if this is possible but im thinking of a 2.2 turbo so we know its not an easy job for a supercharger to a vectra c but they do the vectra c 2.0 turbo(z20net ithink)whic should be much easier. now my thoughts are that the z20net are based on the z22se type engine?? so what im...
  16. Dave Gilbert

    vectra c facelift steering wheel swap

    title says it all really i want to put the facelift steering wheel into my preface 52 plate. i have seen it done but wondered if its just swap them over and everything works or would i need to swap the stereo or anything else? cheers
  17. Dave Gilbert

    Failed Balance Chain Tensioner

    so this has been getting steadly worse, with the weather being colder in a morning. so this only happens for a minute or so on first cold start of the day, it doesnt effect the engine revs(except i had a small miss fire yesterday for a few seconds) had chains done less than 3000 miles ago and...
  18. Dave Gilbert


    like the pictures, upload the funny videos you like. so al start this is so lucky
  19. Dave Gilbert

    universal 02/lambda sensor

    im looking at fitting universal o2 sensors on my brothers beetle(i know its not vauxhall or z22 related)but i thought someone on here would know i know i will have to rewire the plugs on but will they work the same? cheers
  20. Dave Gilbert


    got a family members zafira with a problem, the rear windows arnt working(both) at first it was just the rear passenger side, it would work on its door but not on the drivers door then it stopped on there aswell then the other side went. so im just wondering if anyone else as experienced this...