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  1. Curtis Mcphail

    Dash looms

    Hi people i wondered weathe anyone would know if the dash loom on the mk4 1.8 is the same as the 2.2, ...... When i change from a 1.6 i had to change the loom but wonder if id have to change dash loom if i droped a 2.2 into a 1.8 thanks in advance!
  2. Curtis Mcphail

    found in sump

    Hi all took off sump today to fix leaking oil sensor and found a couple bit in the sump, could anyone identify these for me?
  3. Curtis Mcphail

    oil leak!

    ok so after having clutch replaced and rear crank seal changed, along with rocker cover gasket, to stop a leak ive had for as long as i can remember i still have leak coming from the same side and its not a small one im losing nearly the hole sump in a week and from the drips on the floor defo...
  4. Curtis Mcphail

    lambda sensor need help

    Hello guys n girls Just trying to wire up a Denso lambda sensor to the rear position but am needing help on what wire goes where? The demos has 2 black 1white and 1 blue wires just need to know the corresponding wires? Any help would be massively appreciated
  5. Curtis Mcphail

    help anyone?

    as posted before having problem with fuel consumption and smell of fuel, had obd2 on it, there are no codes but the reading on the o2 sensors where both erratic and mimicking each other on occasions also MAP showing 4.5 on idle and dropping on the throttle. i have replaced the cat and rear...
  6. Curtis Mcphail

    baffled, opinions please??

    have a problem that started about 2 weeks ago, pulling on to a roundabout kick up into 2nd gear, and then all of a sudden the car jolts like all the petrol was sucked from the engine only to then a second later backfires and jumps back to life. since then ive noticed the fuel pump sound like its...
  7. Curtis Mcphail

    Wanted bodykit

    hey yall need a gsi front bumper or a prodrive kit anyone have one?
  8. Curtis Mcphail

    Wanted gsi front bumper or prodrive kit

    really need either one, good con or damaged (repairable) as its going strait to body shop, anyone?
  9. Curtis Mcphail

    a new problem

    started the car yesterday and steering pump took longer then usual to start up so switched off engine and restarted and again took a while for the pump to star. went today and same thing happened, but as im driving down the road im getting speedo needles jumping to 0 then back up and freezing...
  10. Curtis Mcphail


    hi guys want to pick urs brains a bit with some trouble im having symptoms being : loss of acceleration through gears 1 and 2 but 3 pulls nice drinking alot of petrol, probably 21 mpg but range states 25 quid of fuel will take me 79 miles have stuck the obd reader on attached a pic, my...
  11. Curtis Mcphail

    4-1 manifold

    hi all could anyone point me in the direction of where to get the 4-1 manifold from? like a link or something would be handy, cheers
  12. Curtis Mcphail

    stalling issue

    Alrite guys! As I posted before recentley, put the z22se engine in, have solved the petrol problem, but now come across a new issue, she will start up and drive no problem but as I come to light or approach a roundabout, I push the clutch in and engine cuts out. Now this happens I'd say 3 out of...
  13. Curtis Mcphail

    urgent help

    Hi all need some help. I have just conerted my 1.6 to the z22se and now having a problem with fuel system. I have changed the fuel pumps over and all well tell I drive it it suddenly cuts out and wont start again I take it apart ajust it and it works again but only for the same to happen again...