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  1. richard165

    timing chain setting tool for sale

    timing chain setting tool £20
  2. richard165

    oil level sensor broken! anyone got one for sale?

    hey, is anyone selling an oil level sensor? mine broke and they're difficult to get hold of! I need one quite urgently
  3. richard165

    OP COM

    hi there I have obtained an opcom plug from a mate, but I don't have the software disc. does anyone have a link or a copy of the official, or best third party Chinese whatever software please? thanks a lot!
  4. richard165

    engine management codes

    hi there, occasionally my engine management light comes on with a p0204 injector 4 code (resistance measures 13.1 but sometimes a normal 13.7) there is also a mass air intermittent circuit fault which happens at the same time. could this be because of the injector primarily? I was just...
  5. richard165

    ABS and traction control problem

    hi there ive got a strange issue with my traction control and abs system. on first start the yellow light for both systems is on, but if you turn the car if and back on, the lights disappear and the systems work perfect. when I took the car for diagnostics they said that the fault reads that...
  6. richard165

    Brown connector near relay box

    hi there can anyone tell me what the brown connector above the relay box is for please? thanks!
  7. richard165

    cheap bluetooth obd2 readers

    hi all just wondered if anyone uses these and if they have the potential to cause damage. I've used it a couple of times without problems and it worked well using torque pro. I've read some 'friend of a friend's ecu fried' story!
  8. richard165

    Z22SE how to change thermostat

    silly question but whats the best way of changing thermostat and cts? how does the thermostat seal? Will I lose a lot of coolant? thanks
  9. richard165

    Z22SE carb cleaning piston rings

    hi! its been covered on a previous thread but I'm going to put carb cleaner down the spark plug holes. I'm a bit dubious about doing this so if anyone's done it before a but of guidance would be much appreciated. so ill take the spark plugs out, spray half a can of cleaner down each hole...
  10. richard165

    Z22SE is my alternator going?

    hi guys. I've tested my alternator with my limited electrical skills and for the following readings no load lowest readings 13.63v to 13.69v highest 13.89v averages around 13.6v ish under load, all heated seats lights fans lowest readings 12.06v highest 13.02v averages 12.5v ish If it's...
  11. richard165

    Z22SE what causes backfire through inlet manifold?

    Hi all Just searched this topic and cant find any answers. what are the possible causes of backfire through inlet on startup? i don't have any air leaks, its done it for ages and im at a loss as to why. the timing chain is lined up correctly using the setting tool so i doubt ures a timing...
  12. richard165

    Z22SE aux belt tensioner noise

    hi all has anyone ever had a problem with the alternator belt tensioner sounding tough or knocking? i used a stethoscope you listen and it sounded rough, it was an INA branded tensioner i bought from euro car parts. so i thought it was a dud and bought another from autovaux. the guy said it...
  13. richard165

    Z22SE how does this engine sound?

    hi there just changed a balance chain which has been faulty for as long as ive owned the car it sounds like it whines when it accelerates over 3k just want to make sure it's ok! Thanks
  14. richard165

    Z22SE oil in inlet/ consumption

    if i install an oil catch can do you think it will reduce oil consumption further? i don't think that there is any sense in the rocker cover design. not enough baffling or whatever to separate oil out plus the cam breather pipe is running under a vacuum. no wonder people discover pools of oil...
  15. richard165

    Yorkshire anyone near pontefract?

    anyone near pontefract?
  16. richard165

    Z22SE Heater matrix locking clips

    Hi all Hope someone can help I might be a complete idiot but can someone tell me how the green locking clips how back in the heater matrix pipes because they have vibrated loose. If anyone has a picture that would be great because I'm struggling Thanks!
  17. richard165

    How much should i sell for?

    Hi all, Out of interest how much would you ask for this 2.2l opel zafira? Might be looking to sell 126k miles. chains done new brakes, new exhaust system. Full leather interior ac, traction control, heated seats bodywork in good condition. Just looking for a realistic figure
  18. richard165

    Normal needle?

    Hey guys These are my revs at idle, are they too low? As well as this you'll notice the needle is up and down. Car runs sweet. Ive checked all vacuum houses new tb seal? New inlet seals egr blanked. Breather hose checked, Does anyone have any ideas what i might have missed? Thank you...
  19. richard165

    ABS and Traction control advice and help needed

    Hi, I noticed during heavy rain that there was water running down the back of the engine. Stripped scuttle panel and cleaned god knows how many years of silt and dirt, as i don't regularly check. The water drains properly now, so finished the job and went to take the car out. I don't know if...
  20. richard165

    Low engine oil affect chain?

    Hey I was on return trip from airport on motorway and 'check engine oil level' was shown on info display. Pulled off m way and warning went off. Got home and it was about 600ml low. Will this have caused any wear or damage? No wierd noises by the way Thanks