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  1. mssri150

    Time for some tlc

    So unfortunately the vectra is coming off the road but as always there is a silver lining to this cloud a pure Gent on the Facebook site has offered me a z22se engine to replace mine but I am still going to strip it to bare bones have it dipped and bores honed unless there is excessive play on...
  2. mssri150

    EGR blank and emulator

    Anyone selling the blank and emulator? I know evocarlos makes them do you have any?
  3. mssri150

    Hi everybody its been a while

    I'm having an issue with my vectra B z22se with the power steering it's just throwing fluid out of the pot just wondering if anyone has used the repair kit on the rack on one as think it's a popped seal? Also is the timing reference code just a code that stays on the ECU because I've replaced my...
  4. mssri150

    All interior Bulb types

    Evening all Just wondering if anyone has a list or knows anywhere that has a list of bulb types used in the interior on a Vec B facelift thought I had the right ones but so far the ones I have checked are different I want to replace with LED's
  5. mssri150

    Vec B head rebuild

    So the head on the vectra has been rebuilt unfortunately I didn't have the funds for new cams or rockers and lifters but they are in really good condition valves were lapped new chain and balance chain kept the old plugs In got a set of ngk Lazer platinums to go in it when I drop the oil at 200...
  6. mssri150

    Odd OBD reading

    Car is running like s**t so changed a bad looking plug still the same so I borrowed a coil pack off one that runs sweet the same then the EML came on but it's telling me it's the camshaft sensor??? They don't have one so is it the crankshaft sensor? Going to see if my dad will plug his snap on...
  7. mssri150

    Vectra B facelift headlights.

    Both in great condition have been cleaned looking for £30 can deliver at extra cost or you're welcome to collect
  8. mssri150

    Ok soooooooo

    I know by now it's got to sound like my car is a nightmare! On the vectra B there is a rubber seal that sits between both front and rear doors on the pillar. Where would I get them both sides are split? Or what would I search the web for because everything I think of comes back with everything...
  9. mssri150

    Blistering above the windscreen rubber

    Evening all well I decided to clean the car today and it has come up a treat (few deep scratches but have a local paint company who mix up good touch up kits) anyway I've noticed a few blisters around the car. Bottom corner of the passenger door (looks rusted right through which is what I get...
  10. mssri150

    Wanted Vectra B facelift

    Anyone got a vectra B facelift in black with a tidy bonnet, clean passenger door rust free and passenger wing too?
  11. mssri150

    Head lining

    Hiya guys I am borrowing a friend's bissle carpet cleaner next week (hoping for some ok weather) I'm pulling the seats out doing the whole carpet and the seats. Just wondering though how do I clean the head lining? I don't want to use the carpet cleaner on it if it's going to go saggy it's a...
  12. mssri150

    Manchester here

    Hi all I live in Middleton Manchester I drive a 2.2 sri 150 vectra B of you need any help just give me a holla
  13. mssri150

    Oil catch can

    So having a discussion with my dad today and he doesn't think it is the fix to fit a catch can. His reasons are it's just a band aid to the real issue and thinks it is a back pressure issue so I need to clean out all the oil feed pipes he says they cause problems mk2 Jags had them on and they...
  14. mssri150

    For Sale Rocker cover gasket

    Anyone near Middleton Manchester want this? Doesn't fit my B not sure which it is supposed to be for.
  15. mssri150


    Hi all, I plan in the coming months (after other bits are taken care of) to polish my rocker cover and letterbox back box after I get the shine I want what do I seal it with?
  16. mssri150

    Wiring harness

    Just curious is there a harness adaptor for a vectra B which will let me change my stereo but keep all my mpg and other stuff?
  17. mssri150

    Faild MOT on HC

    Hi all Took my car for it's test today and it failed for the first time ever :mad::mad: Bottom ball joint,rear tyre and emissions on HC said lean fuel mixture. For some reason when they did the rev test it wouldn't hold revs at 2k it was up and down 2 lads had a go and couldn't get it to do it...
  18. mssri150

    Coil pack bolts

    Hi all just wondering if anyone knows what size thread the coil pack bolts are? Some total weapon has overtightend them and de threaded the rocker cover so I need to buy a tap not sure of the size
  19. mssri150


    How do I clean in here out? I took the carb off and it was thick with oil then I looked in the inlet manifold and thought s**t
  20. mssri150

    Wanted Z22se coil pack

    Anyone got a strong origional vectra B sri 150 coil pack? I bought an aftermarket one and it's throwing up a timing fault now