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  1. rushy

    Crushed oil filter.

    I did an oil change at the weekend and my oil filter is all twisted and more than likely crushed. The cars using oil and I get smoke when I start it in the morning. I've put this down to valve guides going. However I've noticed oil coming out of the intake where it meets the tb. What causes...
  2. rushy

    Motorsport Auctions (Lotus Motorsport) Many VX220 parts..

    Just came across this, not sure if its any use to our 2 seater members out there...
  3. rushy

    Facebook Groups App.

    Not sure about apple but if your running an Android I've just come across this app that keeps all your "group" posts in separate groups lol. Not had a good poke around it yet but if I can keep my general Facebook clear of the millions of group posts that would be a good start...
  4. rushy

    50-years of Vauxhalls INSIDE the Ellesmere Port

    Just seen this vid on another forum. The MK1 still looks great in my eyes :)
  5. rushy

    Zakspeed Calibra, a carbon work of art.

    A little bit of automotive porn. If they won the previous year then god only knows what this would have done.
  6. rushy

    Scammer selling on forums again.

    Just a heads up, there's a thread running on the Vec c forum re a scammer selling on many forum's. Apparently this guy has been done for it before ( Paul Woodward) and gone to jail, he's just done a guy over there, by the looks of it he's searching wanted threads then pming them directly. The...
  7. rushy

    Looks like flash is dead.

    Think I'm right in saying iPads don't run flash and now it looks like Android is dropping it as well. There's no flash support for Jellybean and from what I'm aware there won't be. I've managed to find a third party app that has a flash downloader and it seams to be working fine so far. How do...
  8. rushy

    Thorney no longer endorses tesco 99

    Sour grapes? Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
  9. rushy

    Nexus 7, anyone getting one?

    Any of you chaps looking at the Nexus 7? I'm spending less and less time on my PC and more and more time on my Android phone, so the 7 looks to be the perfect solution. I've never been a fan of Apple mainly down to the pricing, although it looks like there next thing is going to be a 7" ipad...
  10. rushy

    Driving Challenge!!!

    Take the test, I was confident I did well but got it well wrong.
  11. rushy

    Odd temperature fluctuation after Stat replacement.

    I replaced the stat a few months back with a Gen GM one from Autovaux as the old one seamed like it was stuck open.. Now my SE has always sat at 90 bang on no matter what speed (unless sat in traffic and it would rise a very little). All other Vec C's seam to sit at this temperature as well, not...
  12. rushy

    Is 2" best size for stock engine?

    Ive been patching up my system for the last few years but its time to get it sorted properly. At the moment its the stock SE system with the NET's twin back boxes grafted on just before the Y. The SE with a single back box has a huge centre box, well over 1M, the YH which has twin back boxes has...
  13. rushy

    Corsa with twin LET'S

    Not mine but wish it was........ ... mid=143589 Sent from my Sony Ericsson Xperia using Tapatalk
  14. rushy

    Have I dropped a bollock?

    Such a simple thing. Just replaced my thermostat with a gen VX one. First off the rubber gasket that came with it didn't fit, it was too small and wouldn't seat right in the recess, so I used the old one, not good I know but the old one looked perfect as sat perfect in the recess. Problem is...
  15. rushy

    Top Gear USA

    Utter Sh!te! Just watching it now on BBC 3, and as said it utter carp. Its branded the same, has the Stig, there top gear test track, but with so many things that are translated over the Atlantic (both ways) it never works, and the fact there constantly British Bashing makes it even worse...
  16. rushy

    What kind of country breeds people like this.

    This is beyond belief. I'll warn you its not very pleasant viewing.
  17. rushy

    MTB Post mount or IS mount?

    Just about to upgrade my calipers from cable to hydraulic. My confusion is do I have Post or IS mount? I think there IS with a bracket to turn then into post mount. So, are they IS and is that as I mentioned a bracket so I can fit post mount as well. Cheers Steve. Sent from my Sony Ericsson...
  18. rushy

    Android Z22SE Widget/branded bookmark.

    Just created this Widget/Z22SE branded bookmark for Android Phones. You can either scan it with a bar-code reader (free from Android market) or follow the link from your phone. It just brings you direct to the site so you dont have to log on through your phone browser, and gives you a nice...
  19. rushy

    Urban Downhill head cam.....

    Just seen this on another forum. Wish I could ride my bike like that :wtf: ... hare_email
  20. rushy

    Show us your GT5 Pics...