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  1. rushy

    Internals of the standard Airbox -> TB Intake Pipe

    Fortunately I already have one ;)
  2. rushy

    Just found this awesome forum...

    Welcome to the forum buddy.
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    higher fuel consumption without EGR?

    I noticed my MPG drop when I blanked my EGR but only by a bit and more noticeable in the winter. From a little bit off digging and past experiences with heated and none heated inlet manifolds on old school minis the conclusion was that, yes you get a bigger bang with a cold inlet charge but...
  4. rushy

    ABS Plug, CIM or Something Else? - Fault Codes

    Pull the circulated bit and the plug will come off.
  5. rushy

    ABS Plug, CIM or Something Else? - Fault Codes

    The power or at least some of the power to the CIM comes through the ABS plug. Dirt and or moisture can get inside the plug and cause many CIM faults. I had this problem years ago, but unfortunately it was before I had Opcom to get the coded read. My symptoms were that all my dash dials dropped...
  6. rushy

    Z22YH Fuel Smell :S

    At 4 seconds into this vid you can see the silver disc that im on about.
  7. rushy

    Z22YH Fuel Smell :S

    A common area for the z22yh to leak fuel is at the chain end of the engine. There is a little metal disc thing in the fuel line, i'll try and find a picture.
  8. rushy

    Vectra C not starting after ECU and CIM change, please help!

    The Vectra C is totally different to all the other z22se fitted cars. It can be a right pain in the arse :(
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    Hello from Auckland, New Zealand

    Welcome to the site m8.
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    Z22YH Gear box shifter play

    Dave Gilbert post #25 m8
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    vectra c grill modification

    Double post...
  12. rushy

    vectra c grill modification

    Bump! Go to the first page Dave Gilbert
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    Welcome to the site mate.
  14. rushy

    Some major perfecting going on!

    Wow, most of us would be happy with the original paint job Matt (y)
  15. rushy

    Flashing Led's.

    Just wire it you the cigi lighter Dave, then it will light up on ignition.
  16. rushy

    Not much of a discussion topic but I've not seen one for easily 10 years

    The chap near me bought it with an Orange wrap on it. To be honest I actually thought it looked better orange. He's on here but has never posted.
  17. rushy

    Any one ever tried one

    lol, yea I had one on my old Pug 306. You fit it to the vac line, its supposed to pulse air into intake stream to create turbulence and produce a better burn. They make a right noise, as the air goes in it vibrated with a loud ticking/rasping noise, you fit a mini pipercross filter to the top...
  18. rushy

    Crushed oil filter.

    Yes mate, I always drop into Autovaux for my oil but always get my filter from Vauxhall. Its the same filter as I've been getting for years. I'm sure it started with a K, in a sort of gold outline style of writing. I've got to change the rear springs tomorrow for its MOT (bloody eibach spring...
  19. rushy

    2.2 direct auto petrol zafira 07

    Yea they would have fitted a Continental one.
  20. rushy

    Not much of a discussion topic but I've not seen one for easily 10 years

    There's a chap by me with a red 2.2. He's bought a supercharger kit for it but not sure if its fitted yet. As far as I know he uses it as his daily runner.