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    Z22SE Z22SE Can't Pass Emissions

    Post the full test results. A single number is meaningless. Aftermarket cars are often crap.
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    Saab engine build

    Had another look..... they have indeed installed the intake cam 8758 on the exhaust side, and the exhaust cam, 8759 on the intake side of the engine. Why oh why. On paper the two profiles are very similar anyway.....but doing it makes zero sense. As to whether they're even timed up correctly...
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    Help with z22se

    Are you saying the engine still runs after you turn the ignition key off ? Or the starter motor is turning continuously ?
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    Saab engine build

    Old thread bump, but seemed a sensible place. I've recently bought a 220 with a B207 VX/M62 and whilst I had the cam cover off today, it definitely has aftermarket cams fitted. Oddly the exhaust cam, has "intake" written on it, among other text. Should have took more photos, but alas I did not...