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  1. BURT150

    Boot leak on coupe.

    On to the next problem :(. Well it looks like I've got a bad leak in my boot it's not coming in through the taillights and the boot apperture is clear of leaves and general build up. So the only thing I can think of is the boot rubber it's a bit flat in the corners and looks like its been...
  2. BURT150

    Starting isues!!

    Ive got a problem lol! Hopefully some clever peeps can shed some light on or suggest possible solutions. Every time i start my car it only just starts as if its drawing more out of the battery than the battery can give if that makes sense. Its had a new battery 75ah instead of a 60 and a new...
  3. BURT150

    For Sale Burts Vectra 150 £500ono

    I got chatting to my mate last night and he mentioned he wants to sell my old vectra so what with me being a helpfull chap and all lol I thought I'd post it incase anyone was interested? I'll add pics soon and some of my old threads too. It's a y reg vectra b Sri 150 it's just covered 128k...
  4. BURT150

    Guess who's back! sort of!

    Hello peeps. Not been on for a long time but just recently got myself a new astra coupe and thought id get back on here incase some goodys come about for it ;) Hows every one doing?
  5. BURT150

    Resolved Conversation Problems

    Matt im being a spaz lol how do i send a new pm?
  6. BURT150

    Breaking Vectra SRI 150 lots of goodys ;)

    Well enough is enough. My vectra's not sold and probably wont due to being sorn and no mot. So im now breaking it down. Every part is up for grabs. Ill add bits as i go and if theres something specific your after let me know:thumbup:
  7. BURT150

    Thinking about selling my vectra.

    Iv had my car for a couple of years now and pritty much changed every part on it its been a good car to me and i know ill regret selling it but as allways things happen and change. Its covered 108 thousand now but as most of you know its been rebuilt and had alot of time and money spent on it...
  8. BURT150

    New little project tigra!!Lol

    Just started a new little project as well as juggling everything else :roll: It a vauxhall tigra 1.6 bermuda. It was the missus car but after the head gasket went she sighned it over to me :D Iv got a few pics of the progress so far from yesterday and thought id share it and if anybody else...
  9. BURT150

    Vectra b subframe washer fix.

    For a while now iv had a knocking from the front end on my veccy and it got anoying to say the least. Iv been through new shocks,springs, all parts of the top mounts, ARB bushes, Drop links and checked pritty much every other front end part god knows how many times and finaly yesterday i had a...
  10. BURT150

    Fuel fittings. Bit of info plz.

    Had a bit of a break down on the way home tonight. After bodging the fuel lines a few times whil tinkering with fpr's and stuff iv now got 2 rubber pipes where the steel ones used to be. But tonight for whatever reason the fuel feed hose decided to blow off. It made my ring twitch a bit...
  11. BURT150

    Vectra b springs. opinions plz;)

    So far iv had standard shocks and 40mm pi springs that went soft and scrubbed the front wheels :( Then as a bit of a stop gap and to get through the mot i swoped the old kit for some raceland coilover which IMHO are absolute F**kin W*nk!! Iv now got a good 10mm of shock flex/knock in the front...
  12. BURT150

    On the way to 200bhp

    Iv been real busy lately and have added quite a few mods to the vec. Its now sat on coilovers new tyres and alighned up nicely. And I must be getting close if not at 200bhp showo.. Its now got piper regrinds fitted thanks to atomx and this week i sorted the exhaust system out with a new...
  13. BURT150

    Dodgy fuel problems Help!!

    Hello peeps :D The other day my car started spluttering and cuting out on the way home and i noticed that everytime it did it my wideband was showing fully lean wich made me think it was fuel related. The fuel guage was on the red with about 50miles left in it so i carefully drove to the...
  14. BURT150

    Z22se AUX drive belt tensioner!

    As above looking for a drive belt tentioner in good condition if possible? Thanks.
  15. BURT150

    1off bespoke inlet manifold!!

    For sale is my hand made custom inlet manifold. Many of you have probably seen my threads viewtopic.php?f=86&t=16190 This was made to fit a vectra b but might also fit an astra but dont hold me to that! :lol: Ideally you'l need cams and a good exhaust system for this to be benificial. Just...
  16. BURT150

    V8 chainsaw

    And i thought clarksons use of a v8 was nuts! :o
  17. BURT150

    Splutter/ missing @2000RPM

    Just recently my car has developed a splutter or miss at 2000RPM. its worse when you hold it at that point while driving with very little load on the engine. Whats more anoying is that 60 MPH in 5th is more or less 2000rpm so it gets anoying unless i drive in 4th or do 70 every where. So far i...
  18. BURT150


    My fuel pressure regulator turned up today :D Hopefully this should help my fueling isues and save me some money in petrol too :wink: F**kin £1.20 a liter :x I got it fixed to the bulk head for now and tomorow ill get it plumbed in and have a play. The plan is to blank off the...
  19. BURT150

    Z22SE Head, Reconditioned and ported.

    For sale i have my old head from my vectra. Its had 16 new guides and stem seals with all 16 valves lapped back in properly, A good clean and skim and also i have ported and polished the exhaust side and took off the nasty bits on the inlet side. The head will be sold complete with astra cams...
  20. BURT150

    NMS 2010 My RR day results.

    Heres my results from the day. I was a little bit anoyed to start with after seing the figures but im happy enough considering iv done what i have to it and its a good base to improve on :) The power line looks quite smooth wich is good and for some reason the limiter seems higher than normal...