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    F23 custom lsd diff

    Hello friends.Im working on lsd for f23 gearbox.For now i have 3 diffs tested and everything is ok(they are tested on 1/4 mile strip with slick tyres).I want to ask if someone have interest i can make more of them.They will cost around 1/3 of quaife price. For questions just ask in this thread.
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    Wanted X20XER cams

    I have inlet cam, tuners from my country told me to put xer cams.
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    Wanted X20XER cams

    I will put them on z20let engine.
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    Wanted exhaust manifold z22se!

    I have custom, if you are interested PM.
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    Wanted X20XER cams

    Searching for X20XER cams.
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    Wanted Z22SE coilpack

    I have almost brand new(8 months) NGK coil pack.
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    Z20LET tuning - need advice(300-350hp)

    Hello friends.I have astra coupe 2005 with z20let swap. For the begining i want around 300hp,but i need advice for some parts. First wich tophat to buy 76mm with 63mm boost pipe or 63mm tophat with 63mm pipe. Wich cartridge to use for leh turbo - k06,garret or something else? I need good...
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    Z20LET balance shaft delete

    The kit is expensive for me.I got x20xev griddle,splash screen and oil pipe so i think will fit.Only maybe need to modify the oil pipe.
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    Z20LET balance shaft delete

    I want to remove balance shafts from my z20let.Found that from x20xev Vectra B.Can that suit to my engine ?Thanks.
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    Z22SE -> Z20LET conversion

    Is the accelerator pedal different? How to make my CID working?
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    Z22SE -> Z20LET conversion

    Hello guys.I bought z20let coupe and now i need to put the engine in my car.My Z22SE coupe have climatronic,CID,traction and esp,z20let coupe have climatronic and tc/esp too. What i need to swap the engine,can i use my loom with z20let ECU ?
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    z22yh parts

    Do you have pistons and rods ?
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    Wanted High compression pistons

    Hi guys.Im searching for high compression pistons or z22yh pistons and rods.
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    Electric windows and mirrors not working

    Hi friends.My terminal block was broken and when i fit new,the mirros and windows not working.Theres no power to buttons.Fuses are ok. Astra G Bertone 2005
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    Internals of the standard Airbox -> TB Intake Pipe

    My cold air feed :D
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    Maximum skim from the head

    Can the ECU handle 11.5:1 CR and can i skim 1.5mm without manually adjustable chain tensioner ?
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    Maximum skim from the head

    Im planning to increase CR,but in my country is hard and expensive to find YH pistons.I want to skim the head more than 1mm,but i don't know how much is the maximum. Now i have custom exhaust manifold and 2.5" custom exhaust system without cat,custom cold air intake and soon i will rebuild the...
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    My custom manifold

    Ф40 inner diameter and ф60 after manifold.
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    Shocking performance when hot!

    I have the same problem,and backfires. Try to put pedal on the floor when you are idle.Is the rpm's dropping for second ?
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    CTS Fault - NO EML - Pls Read !