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  1. ob one

    Wanted Engine loom

    I have a 2001 zafira z22se automatic in urgent need of a engine wiring loom bought one off eBay wrong one does anybody have one for sale or know how i could get this one rewired or even new just need the right one thanks
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    Word Association Game

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    Zafira 2.2 Direct - Power Lose (Limp Mode)

    Most petrol stations will still do e5 its just super unleaded anyway for them to make more money
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    Hello from Valhalla! (Pic Heavy)

    I have a 2001 z22se and I live in the zone and it says I'm exempt you can do a ulez check off your licence plate vauxhall must have done something right
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    Hello from Valhalla! (Pic Heavy)

    not many £675 lemons can drive through London without having to pay ulez charge that's a plus
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    Z22SE z22se misfirs/dies at 1500-1600 rpm

    if my battery is low on my zafira my speedo and tach does that might just need a charge
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    Word Association Game

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    engine mount

    cheers mate that is handy
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    engine mount

    thank you so much rang a vauxhall dealer today and they said they can't give out part numbers
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    engine mount

  11. ob one

    engine mount

    cheers mate I was looking to get number 6 the rubber is slit
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    engine mount

    drivers side sorry
  13. ob one

    engine mount

    does anyone know the part number for the engine mount for 2001 zafira z22se auto vauxhall say have 2 but not sure which one
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    GM Reduced Engine Power Mystery Solved - Throttle Position Sensor Faulty ( Possibly)

    finally got this 2.4 throttle body to work after all these years. made one silly mistake all those years ago just before I went to have the car mapped checked over throttle body found I had put butterfly in the wrong way so it didn't close air tight hence why it would only work if I put it on...
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    2.4 Inlet How to fit 2.4 inlet manifold to an Astra.

    where the yellow nipped is just in front of the throttle body
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    Astra/Kadett MK2 project - El Batallas

    amazing work
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    Hello from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

    might be worth checking the servo non return valve and pipes for any leaks they can cause air leak when braking
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    B207 - NA

    I think I'm going to get some kw coil over they were suggested to me by Courtenay sports cheers for you're advice as always
  19. ob one

    B207 - NA

    finally got this engine to run smoothly put new gaskets plus pcv valve on inlet manifold still ran rough but better then disconnected that loom plug behind battery and cleaned with switch cleaner one day later it threw up a code for number 2 injector edge of plug was damaged fixed replaced...