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  1. Kb1974

    Best oil

    How do folks , what is the best oil, as in grade ive always used 10/40 in the old one ,for a low milage , 40,500 02 plate z22se.
  2. Kb1974


    Hi all , all the gauges in my clocks have stopped working, next time I start it they most probably be working again ,as have been like this for a month or so now . Checked multi plug on rear ,checked terminals all good . They just randomly it out ,all at same time ,and get a buzz,clicking from...
  3. Kb1974

    Word Association Game

  4. Kb1974

    Word Association Game

  5. Kb1974

    Word Association Game

  6. Kb1974

    Manchester here

    2.2 mk4 linnea rossa cab
  7. Kb1974

    Coupe Window not dropping

    I'd look at the door lock latch inside the door i had to replace my pass one for doin the same. it has sensors so when you lift the handle it drops the window.
  8. Kb1974

    Manchester here

    Welcome, i originally hail from holins, furness rd, i was fostered to blackpool havnt been back for bout 25yrs. Bet it has changed a lot.
  9. Kb1974

    Oil level

    Well as said i dropped oil changed filter and there were exactly 5ltrs, so anybody any ideas???
  10. Kb1974

    Oil level

    I could understand if i had a oil leak or it was burnning oil but it is not doing any of them and h/g is all fine so no prob there.
  11. Kb1974

    Oil level

    Is that a diffrence between both 2.2 dippers then carl??
  12. Kb1974

    Oil level

    evocarlos vocky Hi chaps just been out n checked fluid levels, and found no oil on dipstick. Topped up with 1lt still not registered on stick in the end it took 4lts of oil to register. Surely this cant be correct no low oil warning in car, no low pressure warning on clocks. Engine has only...
  13. Kb1974

    Z22SE Vectra B Rear Anti Roll Bar Bracket Snapping

    When i got farb for my g from euro they were a mm smaller at 19mm internally. They said they were the biggest and the correct ones for it. Not a chance i said and asked for a refund, went to vx and they were a about quid dearer and fitted first time no problem.
  14. Kb1974

    Suspected timing chain problem

    . There is a long boltthat could be taken out near the sump Iirc its the center between sump n gearbox. I remember taking it out when i did my engine swap n it wasnt need to be removed
  15. Kb1974

    astra coupe edition.

    According to hearsay the second pvs show figo126 has been cancelled ian, and well done looks good n i bet it shifts just as good as it looks.
  16. Kb1974

    Dewis Motorsport's daily bomber

    They have just got one at my work place (council), but theyhave t go ona course t learn about it all first. So as soonas theyve done that whos gonna b the first customer at 0530 in d morn hehehehe well customers pay i wont be. I will let the "practise" on mine.
  17. Kb1974

    Use of photobucket

    dewismotorsport Can u not download all your pics build threads and re-install them on another site so you can have them at hand if needed agian for re-sharing and such???
  18. Kb1974

    Use of photobucket

    Yes use another hosting site. Photo ucket used t b free but not anymore and the biggest issue is if u have lots of photos stored on there they may not b available now.
  19. Kb1974

    Use of photobucket

    Photobucket cant b used now to post photos without you subscribi g with them (ridiculously expensive) of course.
  20. Kb1974

    help removing inlet manifold

    Personally I leave ot to sit for at least 20 mins after engines been ran before i check any engines oil levels. This way any thats in the head or elsewhere has time to return to the sump to get a correct level reading.