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  1. blondi_89

    Wanted vectra b pillar rubbers

    needed pillar rubber for a vec b rubbers that sit between front and back door will take more than 2 for a collection cheers
  2. blondi_89

    mileage light isnt illuminating after changing bulb

    changed all my bulbs to led everything works excpect mileage light which cannot see anything only time you see mileage it when you shine a torch on it also after tinkering mileage isnt showing now not sure if a fuse has popped but need help lol mot on monday
  3. blondi_89

    Z22SE help with engine mount

    hey guys my rear engine mount the rubbers deteriorated so im buying a new one but whats the best way to replace it its the rear mount from gearbox any help will be apprecaiated
  4. blondi_89

    For Sale Brand new vectra b bumper and splitter

    brand new unused never been fitted looking for £80 this is without postage if needing postage i can with paisley unless you would like to arrange but add extra for packaging cheers guys
  5. blondi_89

    BRAND NEW bumper and spitter for vectra

  6. blondi_89

    Wanted down pipe inc cat

    New or used long as its good as I have a airline crack on join cheers
  7. blondi_89

    letterbox back box prob

    How the hell do you stop the cans rattling inside it its insane sorry for all the.messages but need help with this how can I stop this cheers
  8. blondi_89

    2.2 vectra b exhaust manifold

    Had some.guy renew my flexi and he never the nut snappped on downpipe that connects to manifold On looking on bolt that goes through downpipe and connects to manifold there's a gap round the bolt So does it push through downpipe and just screw into thread in manifold if it does it'll...
  9. blondi_89

    For Sale Vauxhall veccy stuff for sale

    i have carello headlights for sale matt black door handles fan vents wheel nut covers but sprayed silver window switch in red led window switch surround sprayed in silver has a couple of chips inside mirror holder
  10. blondi_89

    Hey guys need help regarding chain

    i have a 2.2 sri and i can hear rattle on tart up in mornings then it goes but when it gets to temp or i went to a short 10 min journey when i got there i can hear a bad rattle noise but if i turn engine off and back on it goes i wondered if anyone in the herts essex beds bucks area have fitted...
  11. blondi_89

    Hey Guys new member here

    hey guys new member here hope to make new friends etc cheers