water temperature sensor change

water temperature sensor change

heres how to change the water temp sensor on the z22se
ive changed mine for the sake of it but if you ever do need to change it heres how :)
the part
you can get it from here i did :)
WP_000011 (2).jpg
parts required for the job
water just incase you lost alot in the process
19mm spanner or ratchet spanner if you have one that will fit the gap
new sensor and about 15 mins
WP_000012 (2).jpg

here is the sensor at the rear of the engine right hand side
fitted into the thermostat housing
WP_000013 (2).jpg

to remove the sensor (be sure the engine is cold so you don't get burnt) unplug the sensor's electrical plug just push the tab down and pull
use the 19mm spanner to undo the sensor it will take a while as theres not much room it may be easier if you had a long reach 19mm socket
once you get to the point where the sensor is loose and ready to come out get the new one ready to do the switch to save on water loss
WP_000014 (2).jpg

then its just a case of using the spaner to refit the new sensor
it does not need to be to tight it has ptfe tape and a copper washer so just a nip will do you don't want to snap it off
refit the elec plug
and check you water level (i only lost a dribble)
WP_000015 (2).jpg

job done :)
heres the old one
WP_000016 (2).jpg
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