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Vectra C Traction Control Switch

This is for a Vectra that has none of the wiring in place

first of all I bought the switch I believe p/n 13138265

I then used spare gid pin to connect to the switch
I heat shrunk around the terminal to prevent short circuits
you need 4 for the switch

if you look in the back of the switch it is numbered 1 at the top 6 at the bottom there is no pin 3

you then fit connectors onto pins 2,4,5,6 I then sealed mine into the switch to prevent movement and extended the wires pin 5 needs a long wire say 150cm or longer you can cut this down later .I then joined pins 4 and 6 together as these are both earth and extended the wire about 40 cm and put a ring connector on the 2 I extended the wire again by about 40-50cm

I then went to the car and removed the ashtray,glovebox,radio(make sure you have code),heater panel and may not need to remove all this but I did for ease

I then removed the switch blank

I then fitted the switch feeding the wires through the available holes

I then fed the earth (pins 4&6) and illumination wire (pin 2) down to the ashtray area

I then took the pin2 wire and fitted to the cigarette lighter illumination wire.i did this by cutting the connector off the joining the 2 wires together and fitted a insulated female spade connector and fitted back on to illumination pin ....a bit fiddly

next step was the earth wire I just drilled into the support bracket that holds the obd socket under the ashtray and self tapped through the ring terminal. At this stage you can check the illumination on the switch just put the lights on and the switch should light up.

ok the last remaining wire pin 5 I fed this around the back of where the glove box goes. next I went under the bonnet ,if you lift the ns corner of the plastic scuttle panel and look to the bulkhead you will see a grommet about 25mm in diameter ...remove this make a hole in it and feed your wire through that grommet you then have to get your wire through to the abs control unit, I did it through the harness grommet.

you then need to take the connector off of the abs control unit
pull the little handle slide and it will lift up
you then need to find pin 3


I used another gid pin but these don’t fit into the connector block but they fit the pin so I drilled a hole through and fed the wire through and pushed it onto the corresponding pin on the control unit.i then carefully lowered the connector back on to the abs unit and locked back in place hey presto wiring done

now it’s just a case of checking it works

start the car and press the switch the tc light should come on in the dash

as a summary it goes

pin 2 switch illumination + feed
pin 4 to earth
pin 5 to pin 3 on the abs control module
pin 6 to earth

although this worked a treat for me I take no responsibility for any problems or damage that may arise attempting this. it is just very simple wiring though
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