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Vectra B Outer CV Joint inc ABS ring renewal

Tools required; 30mm deep socket, 18mm socket, 18mm ring spanner, rachet, T bar, large flat blade screwdriver, cold chisel, a couple of wrecking bars, lump hammer, stanley knife, pliers & WD40 or similar. I would also advise the following, a carrier bag (for all the crap), large roll of paper towel (for cleaning all the crap) & a handfull of pvc gloves (stops you getting caked in the crap) & an assistant to step on the brakes as required.

***Please note that this is for renewing the CV joint, if you only intend to replace the rubber boot then use a soft faced mallet instead of the lump hammer.***

The following is carried out on a '51 2.2sri

#1 Missing out all the obvious stuff remove the split pin & hub nut (30mm) & recover the washer, don't discard the hub nut yet, it has it's use.

#2 At the back of the hub carrier there is a nut & bolt (18mm) securing the hub carrier to the wishbone ball joint, knock all the rust off both ends & soak well in WD40, use the 18mm socket & remove the nut, use the ring spanner to move the bolt in either direction so that it's free.

#3 Place the nut on the bolt so that the threads can't be damaged, gently tap out the bolt & remove.

#4 At this point you may need to turn the steering full lock to gain access to the ball joint housing, use a cold chisel or large flat blade screwdriver to prise open the housing. **Be carefull not to damage the ball joint boot**

#5 Use a wrecking bar for leverage & prise the ball joint from the housing. **Be carefull not to damage the ball joint boot**

#6 This can be done with a bit of persiverance, or with an assistant. Place the old hub nut back on the CV joint, use the lump hammer & gently tap the joint back through the hub carrier, remove the nut & pull the hub carrier out towards you while at the same time pushing the driveshaft back into the vehicle & seperate the hub carrier from the CV joint. Push down on the wishbone & use one of the wrecking bars to hold it down in place allowing you that little bit extra room.

#7 Remove the two securing clips holding the boot in place, slide the boot back just enough to see inside, twist the CV joint down so that you can see inside the joint, use the paper towel to clean out as much of the grease as possible, you aint gonna find the circlip with all that crap in there. Once cleaned out as much as you can use the stanley knife to cut the boot from the driveshaft.

#8 Locate the circlip & use the large flat blade screwdriver to prise the clip apart, with the clip prised apart knock the CV joint off the end of the driveshaft using the lump hammer, it will go fairly easy as long as the clip is far enough apart, if it doesn't go then try a bigger screwdriver rather than hitting it harder.

#9 With the joint removed use paper towel to clean the splined end of the driveshaft.

#10 Remove the new shiny CV joint from it's box, slide the new boot over the driveshaft along with the smaller retaining clip, insert the new circlip into the joint, place the old hub nut back onto the new joint, squeeze the CV grease into the joint, now bump the hub nut end of the joint off the ground to help settle the grease into the joint saving you from using your fingers, offer the new joint to the driveshaft ensuring that the splines are lined up, again with the nut on the end tap the joint back onto the driveshaft so that the circlip locks back onto the driveshaft, draw the boot back over onto the CV joint & secure the boot using the clips provided.

#11 Again assistance maybe required. Time to pull the hub carrier back out so that the CV joint can be located back into pace, once into place relocate the wishbone ball joint back into it's housing, replace the bolt & nut (head to rear of car) & tighten to 74 lbft, replace the washer take the new hub nut & tighten using a torque wrench to 96 lbft, loosen off, tighten again to 15 lbft then further Angle tighten 90 degrees, if the split pin can't be located through the nut loosen off to allow the pin in, don't further tighten the hub nut, open the split pin to prevent it falling out.

Renewal of this sorted out my ABS pump activating on its own, the traction control kicking in at high speeds & the cruise control knocking itself off, hope it helps others out there, any input or corrections are welcome
John T
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