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Traction Control Switch Astra

You must have Traction Control fitted as standard to undertake this mod – It will not add it to a car that does not already have TC easy way to check is when you switch on the ignition see if you can see a pic of a skiddy car on the dash it should come on for a few seconds then go off.

Parts Required
90437527 - Traction Control Switch
9270597 - Traction Control Switch Loom
90437593 - Trim Panel (single hole) Black or
13129777 - Trim Panel (single hole) Gun Metal Grey.

Tools used
Small screwdriver
Small pin
Torex screw driver
Cable ties
Electric block

Time taken
Took me around an hour but allow abit longer.

Step 1
Remove the ashtray you will need a Torex screw driver to do this
(star shaped) remove the 2 screws holding ashtray in these can be
found if you pull the flap down with the ash tray open.
Then remove the small cover around cigarette lighter (it just pulls off). The ashtray isn’t the easiest thing to get out, but do it carefully and you’ll be fine. Disconnect the 2 wires on the rear of the lighter.
With the ashtray out of the way, you can now get your fingers round the back of the blank TC panel this will just pop out.

Step 2
Now you have to remove the panel above the pedals – there are two
clips on the front edge that you just turn with a screwdriver and 2
white brackets at the back with the front undone the rear will just
pull out.
This is the panel you take out

Step 3
Open the bonnet get yourself in the foot well of the drivers side look up and you should see a grommet you can take out and this is where you will feed the wire through. When you’ve found it remove it using a screw driver.
Now get the t/c loom leave the blue connector by the ashtray and start to feed it through the back of the centre console then, feed around the pedals and through the grommet hole you have just took the stop out of, it should know be in the engine bay now. Make sure it’s all tidy and the wires is not going to catch anywhere.
When you have it in the engine bay fit the new grommet (fitted to cable already) in to the hole and make sure it a tight fit.

Step 4
Remove the cover from the relay box, and using a small screwdriver to press the clips in on the sides then put a small screwdriver in the side of the relays and pull up and they will pop out. Move these out of the way for later.


From this point onwards remove the keys from the ignition and do not attempt to switch on any
Electrics or start the car – or you will need a trip to a dealer!!!

Step 5
Next, you need to remove the relay box to gain access to the multiconnector
underneath. There One clip to press in on each side of the box. I used a screw driver to
do this.
With the box out Locate the ABS multi-connector under the relay box bracket, you cant miss it, it’s a big black connector, when you have found it look from the side and you will see 2 purple slides these need to be pushed out with a small screwdriver, You don’t have to force them out just make sure you do both sides evenly.
When they are pushed through a little feel the handle push out the other side and pull it all the way out and then the plug will lift off with out any trouble.


Step 6
You need to remove the weather cover from the top of the plug, it’s also best to remove the cable tie from the loom at this point. When it’s off, Locate the correct pin, depending on your car.
Traction control only – use Pin 31
Traction control and EPS – use in 25
Pin 31 is located at the back corner (driver’s side) – if there is a wire there already, you’ll
Have to splice the TC loom into this wire. If you have to do this I would recommend to use a soldered connection and cover it with heat shrink tubing and insulation tape.
Assuming there is no wire there already (the majority of cases), use a pin or similar to Carefully ease out the white blanking plug that is in hole 31.


Step 7
Route the TC loom across the back of the engine bay, I used cable
ties to attach it to the bonnet release cable. Then you need to push the pin connector on the
loom into the relevant hole on the multi-connector. It is a bit tight but it will go just take you time. Once that’s secure, refit the weather cover, and put a new cable tie around the loom, then refit the abs multi connector, by sliding the purple handle back in. Refit the relay box to
the bracket, refit all the relays in the box and put the lid on.


Step 8
Now take the other wire on the loom (ring connector) and attach it to the earth point on the Passenger side inner wing. It’s best to give all the surfaces a quick clean with some fine wet & dry paper, to make sure you get a good connection. When that’s done, you can close the bonnet and move back inside the car.


Now you need to splice the short grey wire (on the TC loom) into the grey/yellow wire on the cigarette lighter loom this so it will illuminate at night. I used an electric block to do this you could crimp, solder or electric block (as in the photo).
Once that’s done, fit the switch to the TC panel, and connect the loom plug to the back. Of the switch (blue connector).


Step 10
You can now test it all works – switch the ignition on and wait for the lights on the dash to go out.
Then Press the TC switch you then see the skiddy car symbol come on (on the dash)
If you press it again it should go off.
When the skiddy car warning light comes ON, then traction control is now switched OFF. Pressing the button again will switch TC back ON and the light will go OFF).
Assuming it’s all working you can refit the TC panel to the centre console, and then put back the ashtray back reverse of taking it out don’t for get to wire the lighter back up.


That’s it go for a drive and feel the difference.
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