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Smoked Side Repeaters

Parts needed
New indicator lenses
Small screwdriver
New orange bulbs

Time taken
It took me around 20 minutes to fit but that was taking pics at the
same time.

Step 1
You need to prise a small pick/screwdriver behind the lenses on the car there is a little clip you need to push in for the light to pop out.

Step 2
With the lenses out it may be a good time to clean behind it.

Step 3
The next thing to do is to replace the clear bulb for an orange one.
NOTE: you will need an orange light to pass an m.o.t.
To do this the twist the 2 sections and they will come apart, replace the bulb with the orange one and refit.

Step 4
Next you reconnect the lenses and make sure it works before fitting to the car. When you have checked its OK push back into the wing and make sure it’s clicked back into place.

Step 5
Job done stand back and admire your work.
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