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Rear crankshaft seal ring - Oil leakage 1.0

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Field Remedy: 1464
Subject: Rear crankshaft seal ring - Oil leakage
Models: Engines: Option:
Zafira 2002...,Astra-G 2002...,Vectra-B
2002...,Speedster 2002...,VX220
Complaint: See above.
Oil return orifice between main bearing and seal ring to crank case not
properly machined, causing overpressure in this area, resulting in an oil
Production: Production process changed as of engine No: 11 041 547

In case of a customer complaint disassemble rear crankshaft seal
ring and check oil return orifice (i.e. a wire).
Orifice must be completely machined (Diameter 5 mm).If OK, assemble
with new rear crankshaft seal ring.
If NOK, replace short block.
Please note:
If a whistling noise occurs, especially at idle speed in the area
of the radial shaft seal (transmission side) it might be that the
orifice (connection crank case ventilation) in the elbow hose (air
cleaner to throttle valve body) has not properly drilled. Due to
pressure differences the mentioned whistling noise can occur. The
noise disappears when the oil dip stick is pulled out, because of
crank case ventilation.
Remedy: Replace part.
Astra-G, Zafira: Partnumber 24408176 / Catalognumber 58 36 818
Vectra-B: Partnumber 9196367 / Catalognumber 83 58 23
Speedster: Partnumber 9198076 / Catalognumber 48 01 076
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