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How To Guide Fuelly

Add Fuelly to your profile, and set up your signature

  1. Matt
    Fuelly Account In Profile

    Firstly, you'll need to know your fuelly username. Log into Fuelly's website, and it will tell you your username on your dashboard:

    Then, navigate to your Account Settings page:
    Scroll down the page, until you see the Fuelly box. Add your username in there:
    Save your profile.
    This will then generate a URL back to your Fuelly profile page, that is available on your Public Profile page:

    Fuelly also allows you to create a signature for your vehicle to use on various websites.

    To link it to your profile on here, on the Fuelly site, choose the vehicle you want to use, and scroll down the page until you see the Share Your MPG link in the bottom right hand corner


    Click the badge or the text to be taken to the signature page.

    You will then see the large banner, and the small banner options. The code you want is the BBCode


    Copy the text for the signature you want to use.

    Then, navigate here :

    This will allow you to change your signature.

    Firstly, click the small spanner on the right hand side, to switch to the Use BBCode Editor view

    In order to work correctly on here, and maintain the HTTPS green padlock, you will need to make one small change to the code you are using.

    Paste the code into the editor:
    The link inside the IMG tags needs to be changed to use the HTTPS protocol
    You can now switch back to the Rich Text Editor to make any alignment adjustments etc

    I'm going to center my image.
    Highlight the image, and using the menu on the editor, select the Align Center:


    Save Changes, and you are done (y)