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Fit Bonnet Lifters

Parts needed
New bonnet lifters
13mm spanner
10mm spanner
Time taken
It took me around 30 minutes to fit but that was taking pics at the
same time.
Note: one strut is not strong enough to hold the bonnet up use the
bonnet catch till both are fitted.

Sep 1
First check the kit to make sure you have all the bits needed.
Then screw the sockets onto each end of the struts.

Step 2
Next undo the top (front) bolt on the bonnet hinge
Step 3
When you have the bolt off fit the bracket provided with the kit to
this hole using the original bolt to hold it there.
Step 4
Next fit the bottom knuckle to the car there is a spare hole in each
wing to use, make sure you use washes as the whole is quiet large.
Hole to use
What it should look like when fitted
Step 5
Fit the strut to the top knuckle it a good idea to use a bit of grease in
these, fit with the fatter part of the strut to the top, this will help
lubrication of them.
When the top one is done fit the bottom one.

Step 6
Last thing to do is to fit the retaining clips to them.
These go in the wholes provide and clip into the groove.
When you have done both sides carefully lower the bonnet and make
sure it’s not catching anywhere.

Step 7
That’s it job done stand back and admire your work
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