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Drop Link Replacement

Parts Required
Drop Link X 2 (available direct from us here)
19mm Socket
19mm Ring Spanner
17mm Spanner
17mm Alloy Wheel Socket
5mm Allen Key (for the FAI Droplinks)
Penetration Spray
2 x Trolley Jacks (makes it easier remove and fit the droplinks)

1) Jack the car up, and remove the wheel

2) Soak the nuts on the drop link in penetration spray to help remove them
3) Using the 19mm socket, loosen off both bolts on the drop link.
4) The bolt will start to rotate inside the drop link, so using the 17mm spanner, grip it between the rubber and the suspension strut (or anti-roll bar on the bottom)
5) Using the second trolley jack, raise the wishbone up to remove any tension on the drop link
6) Now you should be able to remove the droplink

This is why I was getting a knocking
2013-03-17 09.30.52.jpg

7) Fitting the new ones, you'll see a difference between the old and new
2013-03-17 08.34.22.jpg

There is a 5mm allen key hole in the middle of the thread. This will allow you to stop the thread spinning inside the droplink while re-fitting.

8) Tighten up the bolts top and bottom, and then lower the wishbone. Ensure the bolts are nice and tight, so give them one last tighten.

2013-03-17 09.21.16.jpg
2013-03-17 09.21.25.jpg

9) Refit the road wheel, and then repeat on the other side.
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