DoDo Juice - Microfibre Wash Sponge And Chemical Guys - Mr Pink Shampoo Review

DoDo Juice - Microfibre Wash Sponge And Chemical Guys - Mr Pink Shampoo Review

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DoDo Juice - Microfibre Wash Sponge And Chemical Guys - Mr Pink Shampoo Review


Here we've got two top brands from the car detailing world that a lot of you may recognize. First up I got Chemical Guys and I've gone with one of they most popular shampoo's in the form of Mr Pink. Its a highly rated shampoo with great suds and its claim it doesn't dry on the paint work. Secondly I've teamed that up with DoDo Juice Microfibre Wash Sponge, as a possible replacement for my microfibre wash mitt. So lets crack on and see whats what.

First Impressions

Chemical Guy - Mr Pink Shampoo £7.95 16oz

Looking at Mr Pink and holding it in my hand, I get sense a lot has gone into the visual appeal of this product. If this was on a shop self your eye would be drawn to it. On opening the cap the smell is really nice, its a very heavy berry scent you can detect. Instructions on the back state its got a dilute ratio of upto 1:200 (1 part product to 200 parts water). Bold clam tbh.

DoDo Juice - Microfibre Sponge £6.95

Now on the opposite side of the scale, DoDo Juice packaging just simple and neat. Which I've found with a lot of they products I've used. On opening it up the sponge is very soft and when u squeeze it firmly it reforms quite quickly. They're no rough edges to worry about and the microfibres are tightly packed. The size of the sponge (Which you see in a pic soon) in my hand is just right for me. I've got normal size hands, those with small hands may find it uncomfortable to grip.

Cleaning Process

In the wash cycle I'm going to pre wash the coupe with the pressure washer to take of any heavy dirt as stated on Chemical guys Mr Pink. I'll be showing two methods of how I applied the Mr Pinks, once in a snow foam lance and the other in a two bucket wash system with the DoDo Juice Sponge. For those not sure on a two buck wash, its two buckets one filled with warm water and product to clean with and other bucket filled with fresh water to rinse off your sponge/wash mitt of any grit, this is to help prevent scratching and swirl marks.

So first up I filled up my snow foam lance with Mr Pinks at a dilute ratio of 1:100, the product does state it can go to 1:200 but I want to make sure it cleans the coupe, at even 1:100 is a very weak mixture for washing imo. So I applied to the coupe....

Now bearing in mind this is not a snow foam chemical and not intended to be used as so. At the dilute ratio I used it foamed up really good. It did run off the coupe quicker than my Valet Pro snow foam, so for those that just want to just apply your shampoo and then just start washing with your sponge/mitt it does the job well. Highly recommend this method for a quick fast wash. Next time I might see how it foams at a ratio 1:20.

Now onto the two bucket wash. This is how I normally wash my coupe if I got the time to spare and I do prefer this wash method. So armed with the DoDo Juice sponge I dipped into the wash bucket filled with Mr Pink (One cap full to a 10 litre bucket of water) to gauge how well it would hold the suds.

I'm just lightly holding onto the sponge and as you can see I'm not loosing much soap or water, which I found to the opposite when I used my mocrofibre wash mitt I had to scoop the water and shampoo into the mitt and quickly move to the car before i lost most of it on the ground before making contact to the car.


Had to really ring the sponge out to get it to release any soap (Top marks for that!)

Once washing the coupe the sponge wash easy to glide across the surface as a wash mitt is, but where I found the sponge stood above a wash mitt is I had more control on when I had to apply pressure to it to remove dirt. Just a nice squezze on the sponge and it released more suds. If I had my was mitt on I would've had to prob re-dip the mitt and then apply pressure as I wouldn't of had the suds on it. I easily covered more of the coupe without having to rinse and re-dip the sponge as often as i would've using my wash mitt.

So after a doing one side of the coupe this how much suds Mr Pinks was dishing out.

My rinse bucket on the right was filled with as much suds as my cleaning buck on the left. Proving that the DoDo Juice sponge is great at holding in suds compared to a wash mitt and Chemical Guys
know how to make a heavy suds shampoo.

Done the other side of the coupe and I was happy at how easy the sponge was making light work at covering all the panels and it even got to a stage I didn't take my buckets with me, as I could hold the sponge fully loaded and not have to worry about loosing all the water and shampoo before I got to the car!

Next just before I pressure washed the shampoo off the coupe and I wanted to put Mr Pink claim of not drying on a car paint and leaving dried shampoo marks on the paint work. So I left it for 20 mins which is a long time to leave a car with shampoo on it and went to make a cuppa.

So came back and this what I found

Went round the full car and couldn't find any dried on shampoo marks. Which was hard to believe but it did do what it said on the bottle, but come hot weather I reckon it'll be different story. I then squeezie blade the coupe then went round with my drying towel. Then POP! shiny coupe again.

Conclusion - Chemical Guys Mr Pink 4/5 Rating

Its a really great cost effective shampoo if you follow they dilution ratio. This stuff will last for months and leave a nice finish to any car. It generates suds not like any other shampoo I've used in the past and I've used a lot! For using it in a foam lance its ok, nothing that will blow your socks off but I would recommend you use a heavier dilution ratio for a more foam coverage. I give it out 4/5 for the simple reason for the price I would expect more product.

DoDo Juice - Microfibre Wash Sponge 5/5 Rating

To simply put this 'Bye bye wash mitts' lol. I really enjoyed washing the car with this sponge from start to finish! Its nice to hold in your hand, holds a lot more shampoo and water than a wash mitt, can cover more area of your car easier and faster than a mitt, more control on applying and spreading the shampoo/water. Don't get me wrong wash mitts are good at washing cars and everyone will prefer different types (Wool skin, Microfibre). The reason I went to try this sponge is on every type and brand of wash mitt I've bought over the years, and one of the main reasons I got to keep changing them is........The elastic in the wrist stretches over time from the mitt being wet and drying and its a pain in the ass to keep it on without it falling off your hand (how many of you nodded they? lol). So none of that issue anymore!! I couldn't fault the sponge or even nit pick at it. Another great product from DoDo Juice.

Thanks for reading - Milo
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