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De-Restrict Air Box

Parts needed
No.20 Torx bit (star shaped) Flat bladed screwdriver. Pair of long nosed pliers New panel filter (k&n,pipercross,etc)

Why do This Mod?
Inside the standard air box there are two pipes that restrict airflow within the box. Removing these Pipes will make the engine more responsive, and may liberate a few BHP in the process – especially When done in conjunction with an aftermarket panel filter and the Vectra C Inlet Pipe mod see other guide on veccy c mod.

Time taken
Took around 60 minutes that was with taking pic’s at the same time.

Step 1
First you need to remove the star shaped screws (torex) from the top of the airbox, and remove the jubilee clip holding on the top air pipe.

Step 2
With the lid off and the panel filter out of the way you need to pull the air box out of the engine bay to do this hold it at the back and pull it forward so the 2 pins pop out of the bracket at the back. There is a bracket at the bottom on the front as well so when the 2 back pins have popped out push it to the back and the bottom pin will pop out. Then it should pop out of the engine bay.

With the air box out you need to remove the 2 pipes in side it. The one just lifts up and pops out. the other with the cloth on the end you have to get a flat bladed screw driver and push in the clip on the out side of the box, push it into the air box when this is out you need to remove the cloth from the plastic, this is held on by a few big staples this is where the long nosed pliers are used. When you have it apart you have to put the plastic back into the air box to cover up the hole in the side.

Step 4
When you have the pipes out and the plastic bit refitted its just a case of refitting it all, a reverse of taking it out but don’t for get to replace that old panel filter with you new one. Job done.
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