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AutoGlym Ultra Deep Shine

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My first try with AutoGlym Ultra Deep Shine.

Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine is a superb product for dark coloured cars.

Specially formulated using the finest modern polishing & coating technology to impart a tough durable finish to a wide range of paint colours, new or old. It's recommended for new or moderately deteriorated paintwork and gives superb results on dark colours.

Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine comes into its own when asked to mask light scratches, removing hologram effects and drying without swirls especially on dark colours. It contains fillers and diffusers which fill in the micro scratches and diffuse the reflected light making them far less noticeable.

It's also very durable, expect a good few months worth of protection per application. Ideally use with a microfibre cloth for perfect results.
This was applied with AutoGlym Perfect Palm Applicator and buffed off with AutoGlym Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth

2013-05-30 13.55.58.jpg

Applied and drying to a haze
2013-05-30 13.59.10.jpg

The UDS is very easy to work with, as long as you apply it sparingly. Too much, and it will be very difficult to buff off once it's dried.

The finish looks fantastic, nice and deep colour with Arden Blue.

The finished results:
2013-05-30 15.22.19 HDR.jpg
2013-05-30 15.22.39.jpg
2013-05-30 15.23.05.jpg

I'll post an update after a couple off weeks to see how it's holding up.

Some pictures in the Sun this morning
2013-05-31 06.40.50.jpg
2013-05-31 06.41.13.jpg
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