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Astra Rear Light Replacement

Parts needed
New lights

Time taken
It took me around 40 minutes to fit but that was taking pics at the same time.

Step 1
First go into the boot area and you need to remove the cover to gain access to the back of the lights, the cover just pops off when you pull on the catch.

Step 2
Next you need to remove the two white nut spinners on the back of the light and the connector in the back. Be careful not to drop the 2 nut spinners.

Step 3
With it all undone the light should just pop out from the rear. When it’s out give the whole a good clean out.

Step 4
Next you need to undo the light bulb holder and put it on your new lights, to do this just release the 4 clips (circled below). Take the unit and fit to the new light.

Step 5
The last thing to do is refit your new unit that’s just a reverse of undoing it. First push the new light into place, then do up the 2 nut spinners, connect the light back up ,refit the cover.

Step 6
Check all you lights work, and stand back and admire your work.
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