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Astra Headlight Replacement

Parts needed
Small screwdriver
New lights
Alan key
8mm spanner

Time taken
Took around 30 minutes that was with taking pic’s at the same time.

Step 1
Fist pull up to a wall and turn on you lights and put them onto full beam.
You should see the lights on the wall you need to mark around the out line of the lights it should look like a triangle.

Step 2
Remove the front bumper see other how to guide if you need help with this.

Step 3
With the front bumper off you should see 2 bolts on the top of the light and on underneath the lights these need to be taken out.

Step 4
With these undone you need to disconnect all the wires to the light unit

With all the wires out the unit will come away transfer all the light units from your old lights to the new ones (they all just push in and turn).
When you have done this reconnect the light’s back up then refit the 3 bolts.

Step 5
When you have the unit back in place first check that they all work if they do go back to the wall you made the marks on and see if they line up with the new lights fitted if they don’t turn the Allen key bolt either way in till they do line up.
Then refit the bumper.
That’s it job done.
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